MBA: Gateway To Corporate World

Graduation is the stage where maximum number of students has to decide what they wish to pursue as their career. This is the stage when students start creating images of their future in their mind.

A very sought after option is Master of Business Administration. MBA deals with managerial skills and abilities in various fields like finance, human resource, marketing and rural management etc.

In the last few years, the number of students pursuing MBA has greatly gone up as the number of companies in India has increased and as a result, job opportunities have also increased. Even foreign companies and Multi-national Corporations are becoming increasingly interested in extending their branches in India. Indians are also extending their hands at the international level. Then, internet entrepreneurship has also gained importance in the past few years which is also one of the reasons for increase in the demand for MBA. In this system people manage business via internet i.e. online business. The companies offer handsome packages to the management students apart from other allowances.

However the present generation management students believe more in self employment than secure employment which means that they wish to establish their own business rather than working in companies. Some of them start those kinds of business that involves villagers at the fundamental level. So in this way they help in solving the problem of unemployment to some extent.

The future of this field is a bit unpredictable but not completely unsafe. The recession and recovery alternate with each other. For example, the financial crisis that the world is facing presently, is taking the graph down to depression. After a year or two when this crisis blows off, the graph will again move towards booming and the job opportunities will automatically increase.

Entrance exams are conducted for getting admissions into the B-schools. These entrance tests check not only the numerical, analytical and linguistic skills of the students but also their social and ethical orientations. In India, some premier institutes of international fame are available for getting MBA degrees. Most important ones are IIMs, FMS, XLRI; with IIM Ahmadabad being on the top. Most premier management schools have very high exposure to financial sector. These institutes offer 3 phases of management education- input, processes (curriculum, pedagogy, internship, examination system) and output. Some of the B- schools also enable the students to do part time jobs apart from studies. Management schools are expected to contribute more than others towards creation of an inclusive and sustainable society.

Initially the sector was not so demanding. Neither were the job opportunities so great. Also the crowd was more bent towards medical, engineering and civil services. But as the people are becoming broad-minded they are drifting towards MBA as per their managerial skills. At the same time the demand for other career options is decreasing. Even the engineering students prefer to go for MBA at the post graduate level.

Earlier occupying the post of a manager was not a big deal. It did not require any special skills. In the government departments dealing in business administration, IAS officers were handed over the managerial powers. But now this is invalid. Even the government agencies recruit those people who are highly skillful and well qualified for such jobs.

In light of the views that I have cited above, I wish to opt for MBA in the future, because it seems to be the most appropriate and viable option for me as I can fully express my creativity and explore my potential through the same, I will therefore try my level best to focus all my energy in getting into a reputed B-school.

Shruti Kapoor

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