There are some courses that require you to do an internship. One such course is MBA. You can learn about business when you become a part of one. Taking up an internship during your MBA course is the best way to put your knowledge of the subject to practical use. There are certain theories that escape real time situations. A manager of company is also expected to quell any disturbance that may arise in the company. At such instances the manager must be sensitive to the problems of each employee. This sensitivity comes only through work experience gained through internships.

The area you choose to intern is a decision that should be taken on the basis of your suitability for each of them. A person who does not like moving around too much should not take up an internship in a field like sales or marketing. An internship with the human resource department should be taken by those who are sensitive to the problems of other people and who are willing to help them in any way possible. It also involves improving company policies in order to make the employees the biggest beneficiary of these policies.

Therefore, the field you choose to intern in should be carefully thought out. If you have a major and a minor discipline in your MBA it might help to get a practical experience in both the areas. Do not waste your time during the summer break if you are doing an MBA. Whatever internship you take up in this time is only going to benefit you. If you have still not enrolled in an MBA course, but are sure that MBA is what you want to do, take a look at the internship options that you have with you. It is always an advantage if you start early.