McDonaldisation is the term I learnt through my sociology elective. In simple words it means the replication of the USP across the chain. Quite obviously the term originated from McDonalds, which ensures that our taste buds would never be able to differentiate the burgers of 2 different outlets from each other. The motive is to make every customer feel at home.

While travelling by train once, I realized that each person who has lived in India for sufficient amount of time (*By sufficient I mean that he has travelled in trains and on someday his plans were ruined by a train delay or some day he missed the train because he assumed that like every day the train would be late. On the contrary the train was right on time) will have at least one good incident to tell that how he got duped by Indian Railways. Imagine if Indian Railways were the most organized rail network in the world. The people of India would have been robbed off all those stories. Life, by the way is all about the stories you have.

I would always maintain that considering the volume of passengers and goods handled by Indian Railways it is doing a commendable job. There is certainly no doubt about it. But anyone who has travelled in Delhi Metro will realize that the experience of missing train do not itch much because there is next train in few minutes. More so DMRC has ensured that in most cases even a layman can easily reach his destination. The less organized the system is, the more its users need to ask and the more they ask the more they talk. And so it is certainly not surprising that most of the conversation between the co-travellers start with a question on a next station, seat number, compartment, pantry and so many more things.

While coming back from my office one day, I passed a narrow road, made narrow by encroachments on both the sides. Just ahead of me was one confused elderly on his Royal Enfield exhibiting Brownian motion. As he went to the right side, I thought to overtake from left but soon he changed his mind and came to left and we nearly missed a collision. Angrily, I turned to look at him. What I saw was a wide “happydent” grin which said “It is like this here mate, has been and will always be. Are you new?” My anger vanished in an instant. I at once felt at home in a city where I spent just 3 years of my life.

All my friends who have been outside India always tell me about the general sense of organization there. But there is always a mention about the fact that how they missed this general disorganization. Disorganization has become an integral part of Indian lives, replicating itself across the country to make every countrymen feel at home. Believe me when I say that you will also appreciate the comedy of all this mismanagement once. Mcdonaldisation, certainly.

Sachin Paranjape

The author belong to a place called Mhow in Madhya Pradesh. After his schooling, he did his B.Tech from IIT Roorkee in 2008. He will be soon joining Teach for India and has served Tata Steel for roughly 3 years. He is an extrovert by nature and loves to talk, loves to discuss. He is constantly hungry for new experiences, good or bad, new piece of information. He is a big football fan and an avid supporter of Netherlands and Manchester United. He loves reading, writing, talking and running. His bearings in this infinite mesh of space and time are determined by his passion, his friends and family and love for his country.

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