In the contemporary world, with the advancements in the spheres of science & technology, media has become an inseparable necessity of our being. It plays a key role in the overall strengthening of the fabric of a responsible & vigilant society; it transcends all the barriers of caste, creed, colour, region and religion. It has indeed become an indispensable tool of a democracy like ours.

Media plays a crucial role in the social terms i.e. it brings thousands & lakhs of people together for a genuine cause, examples being Jessica Lal’s murder case justice and more recently the Nitish Katara’s trial justice which brought the whole country together. Thus, media helps in the societal transformation and public opinion moulding. The biggest asset that media hold is its unshakeable power to attract the attention of the masses towards the grave and ground realities and hence provide valid solutions to such issues. Not only this but media in the form of advertisements promotes the market strategies along with the various cultural aspects of our nation keeping us attached with our roots 24*7.In addition, it also maintains the societal decorum in terms of communal harmony.

Media forms the public opinion through the various modes of opinion polls on the newspapers as well as news channels. In this manner it imbibes the differentiation between the wrong and the right. Press as justifiably said is “The Bible of Democracy”. Print media entrusts not only news but also the views on those issues, there bye, it makes the people vigilant of heir rights and in addition provide a platform to site their views. It is through this means that people like me can righteously utilise our fundamental right of speech and exercise it to criticize or support, discuss or debate the policy layouts by the government. Media gets into the larger picture at the time of decision-making or the elections. It indirectly highlights the fallibilities and strengths of the ruling as well as the oppositions. In this manner it helps the people to recognise the just candidates (like a diamond in a heap of straw)!

Media’s most popular mode these days is the electronic, with the news channels & websites being the buzzwords. These means are significant especially for the illiterate and the rural India, where people can be imparted the knowledge of health, hygiene, education, finance etc. Another significant feature is the silver screen and is perhaps the most popular mode for the dissemination of awareness. There is a huge array of movies like Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, A Wednesday, Chak De India etc. which not only entertain the viewers but also impart a message for the society. The big question is will the bubble burst someday? As per the market norms the media industry is here to flourish for decades to come thus providing infinite opportunities for the youth in this infotainment field.

But all is not as good as it seems to be, there is another darker uncensored side of the industry which resorts to the under table clandestine dealings with the rich and famous. It is expressed in the form of ‘character assasination’ and “Yellow Journalism” ” which exaggerates the news stories beyond the level of reality. Sensationalisation of the private lives and trivial issues of the celebrities beyond the cocoons of their existence is also practiced by the media.

Keeping aside the black blotches of the purview of media, it plays a central role in the enlightening of the modern society and is perhaps the most important weapon of the liberalised world. It still as an institution has a long path to traverse in terms of its
responsibilities towards the society.

Akriti Rastogi