Media – The New Indian Deity

Ostentatious news channels, expository media,
Believe it or not binds the world around,
Rattling, babbling, fears and grieved gestures,
They anchor in the huge image capturing device.

Either bomb blast or the Osama raid, Media- the new Indian deity

2G scam or Anna Hazare panel or the news of Kanhimozhi in jail,
These camera led people have every detail.
What ruled TV channels were the saas bahu sagas,
But that’s a bygone trend,
Today media and channels have become the stewards,
Old tradition and systems they have amend.
They portray, they showcase more spice and emotions,
Be it somebody’s death cavalcade’,
Or Mallika’s wardrobe malfunction,
Be it a girl’s molestation or Tunisian revolt led revolution.
Hype, hyperbole are the words too less,
Today media to gain TRP has crossed the edge.
What matters is India news or Aaj Tak,
Who is the best?
I am in no antipathy with media,
It keeps us updated,
It provides reasons to be euphoric
And simultaneously a reason to mourn.
But I feel it shows some events so obscene,
It exaggerates spooky incidents of some remote villages.
Which might be somebody’s maneuver.
We can’t neglect the fact that today,
90 per cent people rely on media,
What they see and hear,
They make it the central idea.
For them media is god,
Because they consider it a mirror reflection of the truth,
I am baffled, perplexed at the role of media,
They who influence the jamboree,
They who can ebb down the crimes,
With their power and immense time.
Are busy squandering time and money in a TRP mime?
When a child wails or a nearly dead body,
Murmurs from beneath the debris,
They fight to cover the moments,
To win over the Indian emotions.
When a life can be saved,
Or a victim be provided first aid,
They cement down some unrealistic notion.
I am aghast,
The media has fallen to the level of abyss,
Old, young or even dead,
I say have a staunch faith in that idiot box,
But unknowingly we all are becoming the part of this farce.

Abha Goel