Meditate Your Way to Good Health

There exists an old adage “Health is Wealth”. This is so apt even in today’s era and shall always be. Health is the truest and foremost treasure of any living being. All the joys and pleasures of the world are immaterial if you are not healthy enough to enjoy them.

There are so many health problems that plague the world today. Some of them might be petty and easily curable, while some take aeons of treatment to get cured. And some are even terminal. People spend tons of money, just to stay fit and healthy. Little do they realise that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Health once lost, is very difficult to regain. It is better to try and prevent health loss from occurring.

There are a lot of health products and systems available in the market today in the form of tonics, belts, vibrators, magnets, etc. But beware of all this stuff, as most of them have side effects that are harder to deal with than the problem they claim to present a cure for. Natural exercises and remedy present a better cure than all the imposters available in the market. Proper diets, aerobic and anaerobic exercises, yoga, meditation, all affect us positively and there is no fear of side effects either. Amongst these, meditation is one of the most important practices that could keep you healthy. Ever heard that ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body?’ Meditation fulfils just the same. It provides food for the healthy mind. As we know that our mind (brain) controls our body, so, if the mind is healthy, we can expect better and healthier body too.

The term ‘Meditation’ refers to a group of techniques, such as chants of mantras, relaxation of response, mindfulness and Zen Buddhist meditation. Being aware of yourself, your surroundings, being oblivious to the turbulence of the world, being calm and physically relaxed, maintaining the psychological balance, this is what meditation is all about.

Meditation has been practised for thousands of years by our ancestors. Its history goes very deep and is rooted in the soil of our traditions. It is a mind-body practice in complementary and alternative medicine, that helps people realize their strengths and abilities of their calmer and indispensable self. A few minutes in a specific posture, focussed attention and an open attitude is the only basic requirement of meditation. A regular meditation practice can create sense out of our hectic lives.

The practice of meditation originated in the east and now has spread worldwide. People from all over the world are accepting it for health purposes. Meditation improves body lustre, concentration, lowers oxygen consumption, increases exercises tolerance in heart patients, leads to deeper levels of relaxation, builds self confidence, reduces anxiety attacks, virus activities and emotional distress and also enhances our immunity and post operative healing.

So many plus points in exchange for only a few minutes of daily meditation? It does not sound like a bad deal at all. Meditating keeps us fresh and happy all day. We can meditate whenever and wherever we want at our own disposal too. So just breathe in the air and breathe out all our difficulties. Let us meditate our way to a healthier life and chant our way to success. “Om gan ganpataye namaha”

Rachayeta Singla

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