Meet Ajit Doval, Real Life James Bond Of India


James Bond or the 007 character of Hollywood has gained eminent popularity among people of all ages. You can see girls, boys and even old-aged people going crazy over him because of his incredible qualities. Without any doubt, he is the best fictional secret service agent of the world. There are few such people, who carry the same personality like him. Fortunately, India has one such personality: Ajit Doval, National Security adviser of the country.

Here is why people call Doval a real-life James Bond of India:

Mission North East:

The first time he came into highlight was in 1966, when he went to Mizoram to put an end to the protest started by Mizo National Front demanding a separate sovereign state for the Mizos. When the situation turned out of control, the central government sent Doval as an undercover agent there, who won 6 of 7 commanders of the Mizo National Army and watered down the Mizo insurgency.  A few years later, he again went to North East as an undercover agent to facilitate the merger of Sikkim into mainland India.  Even though it was a secret mission, but Doval made things look extremely easy, which once looked almost impossible.

Mission Kashmir:

Most of you may know Kuka Parray as the founder of Jammu and Kashmir Awaami League and the face behind counter-insurgency movement in Kashmir. But that’s not the complete truth to Parray; he once supported terrorists and helped them run terror operations in Kashmir. But it was Doval who impelled him to support counter-insurgency efforts of the Indian Army. He bravely denuded the inside information about terrorists and their movements to the army and made it possible for the Indian government to carry elections in the state.

Mission Pakistan:

It was one of the most challenging missions of Doval’s life as he had to stay in Pakistan for seven years. Can you imagine a person living an alien life in a country that hates India the most? He did it supremely and sent important information about Pakistan’s Nuclear Development Initiatives to India. However, as it was a top secret mission, no other information is available about his mission in Pakistan.

Mission Black Thunder, Golden Temple, Amritsar:

In 1989 when Golden Temple of Amritsar was taken under control by Khalistani Militants, he came like a ray of light in darkest of the nights. The government forced the Indian Army to take action against the terrorists who had captured a wide number of people including the Romanian Diplomat, Liviu Radu inside the temple. The army was clueless regarding the number of terrorists and was in no position to attack. Amid all this, Ajit Doval went inside the temple and provided the army with the exact number of terrorists, leading to the end of the mission. Things could turn adverse, but Doval didn’t show any sign of panic and brought mission Black Thunder to a successful conclusion.

IC814 Hijack and Iraq Mission:

Doval was the man who negotiated with terrorists during IC814 hijack. He was involved in negotiations and termination of all airplane hijacks that took place between 1971 and 1999. Recently when things started going out of control in Iraq and the situation of 46 Indian nurses became dismal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent Doval on a secret mission to Iraq. He buttoned-up the task successfully and brought back all 46 nurses safely home.

He is in news again:

Not more than six months have passed since the Modi government has come to power, and the ball has already started rolling. One of the major issues troubling the Indian government currently is the Indo-China border conflicts. The government has asked Ajit Doval for a helping hand like always, where one wrong step can collapse the Indo-China relations forever. Keeping this fact in mind, Narendra Modi government has entrusted him as a special representative on boundary talks with China. Recently PMO announced that Doval would play a key role in strategic consultations and boundary negotiation with China. He is expected to bring to pass mission China in the same way as he has done for other missions many-a-times in past.

Bhupendra Sharma

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