Meet My Unusual Friend

Life is not a cake walk, this is a proven and well accepted fact that we all come across as soon as we attain senses. It is said that the path of life seems much easier and interesting if you have a friend to walk with you on the way. Since I grew up, the first friend I made still holds a permanent position in my life. I always met him after the day got over, and wanted to share the whole story of the childish events. He always patiently heard my boring and sometimes really interesting stories with a calm and peaceful smile.

When I was a toddler and was unable to speak, I used to share my thoughts with hand movements and eyes. He used to understand all of it and made me sleep. Then when I grew up a little, I used to tell him about my toys and dolls, new games I played and other mind tickling fantasies. After some time, when I went to school, I used to complain to him about the kids whom I didn’t like, my homework, uniform, tiffin, exams and my teachers.Today as an adult, I still become a child when I see him. I still share my problems with my friend, but the only difference is that the magnitude of my difficulties has changed. It’s gigantic now.

He was the magnet and I was a hardcore Iron. His company made me smile. My friends termed me loser and I ignored them willfully.But he never lost faith in my abilities and always looked smiling at me from that ancient epical ventilator located at the uppermost corner of my room. My moon was my friend who still listens to me whenever I need to talk.In order to feel him near, during my childhood, I used to fill a big tub with water and take it to the terrace, where I saw its image in the water and felt like the happiest girl ever.

Whenever I tried to sleep, there was this sense of expectancy, a thoughtful air of optimism surrounding me. I curled myself up in the blanket and gazed at the wall facing me. The moonlight filtering through the window added that extra dynamism to the entire setup. He has always been like that, friend of friends, a true companion, a noteworthy confidant and I could rely on him, he was my friend, philosopher, and guide. With an infectious smile, he emitted extremely positive vibes and symbolized life for me.This will continue today, tomorrow and forever.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

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