Meet Shayan Italia…

Meet Shayan Italia, a Hyderabadi, who has not just set a landmark in the UK top five charts with his first single “Reflections” but is actually being called the next Elton John from the East. The story behind the success of Shayan makes one realize that perseverance and ingenuity is all that one needs to make it big in life.

Shayan lived a childhood like any of us. He did his schooling from the Doon School and pursued his under graduation in International Trade and Practices in India. Surprisingly, he has received no formal training in music. He started penning down songs to find solace when he lost his parents at a young age. In fact his tryst with the piano is absolutely miraculous as he never learnt how to play it! As he says in his interviews, “It seems as though my fingers knew their way around the right chords and notes.” At first he was reluctant to sing but he realized no-one else could capture the soul of his songs.

He came to London, and did an MA in Music Business Management from University of Westminster. With his determination to make a mark, Shayan did a lot of research in the area of music marketing. Finally, Shayan formulated a strategy of marketing his music. By this time, he had written over a hundred songs, of which eleven were chosen to bring to world THE SHAYAN ITALIA.

But again, the hurdle was raising funds to record music. Interestingly, Shayan raised the funds on his own by auctioning a portion of his life’s earnings at eBay. He managed to raise $ 9,000 in seven days! He has become the first person on eBay to raise funds by auctioning a portion of his life’s earnings. After recording the song came the next big thing, which was to find someone who could invest in his album. He did this by persuading investors with his honesty and determination. Upon the album’s completion, he went on to produce a video for his song called “Reflection.” Not knowing anything about filming, he did research on it and then shot his video at Kuala Lumpur.

So what makes Shayan a person to whom I chose to devote an article here?

Here is a guy who has not given up on his dream and has done everything to make it come true, all on his own. Here is a guy who actually dreamt…and trusts me dreamt big! How many people make it to UK top 5? And is his story that of a one night star? No. It is a story of a decade of hard work and he has achieved success by taking one step at a time. That just shows that at the end of the day the one who remains standing even when there is a high tide, succeeds.

As Shayan says on his website:

“If someone says something cannot be done it is just their way of saying that they cannot do it. Nothing is impossible.”

So readers, I would just like to state that at the end of the day, it is just someone among us who we look up to. It is our choice whether we want to be that someone or not.

Ayushi Uberoi

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