“Meeting of Minds” Youth Forums – Inspired by SOIL

“Meeting of Minds” is about the coming together of bright minds, of different perspectives, of thoughts and ideas which will lead to solutions to some of the issues faced by today’s youth. It is the wisdom of the experienced and the enthusiasm of the youth brought together on one platform to express their opinions and exchange ideas.

We believe that great conversations can change people’s lives. These Youth Forums are an attempt to help solve issues through the journey starting from awareness and leading to action.

The first youth forum explores ways through which one can make an impact through their careers.

Listen and interact with people who have chosen the path less travelled and together explore the difference one can make, the various options available and the various paths that can be chosen. We will talk about choosing careers aligned with who you are, what your purpose is in order for you to make that difference and live up to your full potential.

Come and join us!

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Meet the Speakers

Tripti Tandon, Lawyer

A young lawyer, working for a nongovernmental organization that strives to protect and promote human rights through litigation, policy advocacy and research. Her clients include–people living with HIV, sex workers, homosexual and transgendered persons and drug users—these groups have neither social status nor legal standing. Her work entails writing and public speaking to fight for the human rights of minority groups.

Anil Sachdev Founder & CEO, Soil

In 1991, Anil Sachdev created Eicher Consulting Services to work with large global firms in the areas of strategic change, operations improvement and people development. In 2001, he started Grow Talent, which grew to become a leader in the HR consulting business.

Shiv Bhaskar Dravid  – Founder & CEO – The Viewspaper

Shiv Dravid is the founder and creator of The Viewspaper, a youth journalism website for young people. Shiv was inspired to take action when he realized that his own daily experiences were quite different from the observations and discussions amongst media elites. The Viewspaper is seen by more than 150,000 readers a month. Over the last three years they have engaged close to 4,000 young people in sharing their views and opinions and have emerged as India’s largest youth paper.

Jeroninio Almeida-Founder iCONGO

Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida who has been a serial entrepreneur, successful business strategist and marketer in his corporate life, moved to the social development sector at the young age of 30. He felt that doing good should not be just a retirement plan and young people should get involved with bringing about social change. After 14 years in the business sector, he moved to the social sector as International Fundraising Director & CEO of ActionAid India Society. In 2004 he founded iCONGO – Indian Confederation of NGOs to reclaim and preserve public trust in the people sector. He currently serves with iCONGO as “JUST ANOTHER VOLUNTEER” and uses all his learning & experience over the years to create cutting edge social ventures.  iCONGO was founded to promote best practices, ethics and values in the NGO sector to achieve impact with efficiency, transparency and accountability. iCONGO is a people movement today and encourages social justice through citizen action.  Jerry has been at the helm and has created various social ventures which include CONGO SHONGO- Shops of NGOs to promote NGO & artisan products through eCommerce& retail, iCOZFLIX- The first venture fund to produce cause related movies and www.iDishoom.com , the 1st citizen reporting & whistleblower news/views portal. iDishoom has blown the whistle and led exposes against organisations like Coca Cola, Vedanta, Amity  He has also ideated and pioneered movements like “The Joy of Giving”, “Right every WRONG” and “Karmaveer awards”. Some of the ideas promoted by iCONGO, have inspired other movements like Lead India, Teach India, The Joy of Giving week, Real Heroes awards and CJ awards. Jerry recently instigated a report and was featured in an international story by “Time” about lack of accountability & ethics in the Ngo sector in India.

Ishita Chaudhry:Founder & CEO of The YP Foundation (TYPF). TYPF support and enables young people to create programmes and influence policies in the areas of health, education, gender, sexuality, the arts & governance, reaching out to 300,000 young people in India. Ishita works with youth communities on developing leadership skills and enabling their access to sexuality education. She has received the Change Looms Award (The Ashoka Foundation 2008), the Seen & Heard British Telecom Award 2008, Karamveer Puruskaar 2007 and the President of Nepal’s Young Achiever’s Award, 2009.

Uday Gosain: President of NyayBhoomi, an independent NGO, which was founded in 2002. The NGO seeks a responsive and accountable system of governance by making use of the pro-people provisions of various laws and by attacking corruption, nepotism and file-pushing culture. He is also working as Senior manager with Field Fresh Foods Pvt. Ltd and works towards building purposeful businesses operating in the realms of Quadruple Bottom-line (People, Planet, Profit, Principles).

About SOIL

SOIL is a business school that aims to build competent, compassionate and inspiring leaders who truly care for the planet. The model of inspired leadership that SOIL espouses has 5 pillars. These are Ethics, Mindfulness, Compassion, Sustainability and Diversity.

At SOIL, we believe that our country and our planet today needs leaders and not just managers. Leadership is about vision, values and about truly making a difference to the planet whereas management is more about productivity, efficiency and costs.