Men’s Watches

The metro sexual man of today is not satisfied with just one watch for every occasion. With style being the order of the day and comfort taking a back seat even with men, today men’s watches exude style, confidence and sophistication.

Men’s watches can be categorised into four basic groups: Casual men’s watches, formal watches, sports watches and designer watches. Depending on one’s lifestyle and monetary capacity one can choose to own more than just one watch.

Casual men’s watches come in a variety of styles and designs today. They are specially crafted to suit the likes of diverse personalities. Men’s watches for casual wear can range from steel straps to leather straps, but the beauty and the essence of the casualness lies in the dial. You may wrap a similar strap on to a formal watch and you won’t know the difference. So be careful when you go to buy a casual watch. Keep an eye out for the dial and not the strap.

Men’s watches in the formal collection are ones that can be worn to the office or to a dinner party. These watches are sleek and understated and usually just tell the time and date. Casual watches on the other hand can come with chronographs and stop clocks etc. Now you wouldn’t need that in a formal watch would you?

If you are the sporty kind, depending on the sport you play you can pick a style that amplifies energy. If you need a watch to time your swimming laps, be sure to pick one that is highly water resistant.

And now for the final set of designer men’s watches, you can choose to pick these only if you have a huge bank balance and a fetish for fancy men’s watches. These watches look as good as any other watch available in the market; it’s just the brand name that gives them a higher price tag.

There are a number of good brands available in the market that provide great style at affordable prices. So, if you do wish to own more than just one watch, don’t worry, it’s possible at reasonable prices too.