Michael Jackson’s Five Unforgettable Songs


A line of fans is waiting outside Forest Lawn Memorial Park to honor the memory of legendary pop singer Michael Jackson.

“5 years without you, we love you more Michael Jackson,” read one sign.

It might have been five years since he passed away, but the world didn’t stop loving him. In the recent past hundred and thousands of fans have gathered at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park to pay their respects, to the extent that the staff at the cemetery had to put up barricades to stop them.

So to honor the man on his fifth death anniversary, here are his five best music albums:


Released in the year 1983, this is by far Jackson’s best work. Not to mention that it was MTV’s first world premiere video. In the year Guinness World Record listed it as the “most successful music video,” which sold over nine million copies

Beat It

This is one of Jackson’s signature songs which topped the charts in the year 1980.


Released in 1987, it is second single from Jackson’s album by the same name. The song also featured at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Smooth Criminal

Another single from the album Bad, “Smooth Criminal” contains some fast paced beats that are sure to make you want to shake your leg.

Billie Jean

This song from the album Thriller made Jackson’s fans crazy, to the extent that it still features on the list of most popular songs.

Sure there are many others songs by him that have created a furor among his fans, but nothing can beat these songs.

Shraddha Jandial

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