Millions of Footprints

I was walking in the woods when suddenly I saw something strange on the path ahead. There were millions of tiny footprints coming out of the bushes crossing the path and disappearing into the bushes on the other side. I had some free time so I decided to follow the footprints.

I was around 5 feet tall at that time so treading the path taken by tiny tots or beings with feet as little was not a very intelligent decision on my part, I admit.

But I was rather in an adventurous mood so I wandered over the gushy mud, ah! My canvas was all soggy, yet to my surprise I did least mind. I bent down to save myself bruises and scratches.

The canopy was a little bit dense; which surprised me since this were not the tropics as far as my general knowledge was concerned. The thorny bushes did hurt but my spirit was not yet doused. I got to see pretty much a lot of wilderness out and about.

Mosquito breeding and the little yellow flower that, on touch just left behind sticky powder. The smell was not particularly appreciatable but still it so well fitted into the canvas painted by nature. The green woods and mulches were a sort of liberation from the tall buildings and groomed lawns.

I had walked quite a bit soaking in the beauty of nature and relishing the freshness, the beauty of the butterflies and the fluttering moth trying to gather footage! Hey, I thought, does this happen in the animal kingdom too?

Of course it happens otherwise how would that poor being win his Lady’s heart. Human world is simple – you sing, dance, talk, communicate and impress but the fluttery creature that to portray it’s feelings through a tender dance.

I was still admiring when I noticed a small fire and bits of furniture lying around. I was definitely not expecting furniture in the middle of the jungle and not dwarfs indeed.

To think ‘am Alice in wonderland was definitely not very enthralling for me that moment and wouldn’t that be cliché!

I sat drumming on the table, that just came up to my knee wondering and what I saw – my jaw dropped. Two little antennas were bobbing back and forth coming out of a tunnel of sorts. I related one to Harry Potter’s that elf friend, whose name I fail to recall.

The other was rather very plumy with a paunch hanging outright. The big oval eyes which seemed to be all irises and no pupil were on top of their heads and they seem to be missing what humans called nose.

They had very long pointed ears and they were carrying between themselves a cauldron made out of huge leaves. They did not seem to be bothered by my presence.

There three fingered toe caught my attention as they trotted over to the other side of the bushes as they disappeared. I tried following them but to no avail. It seemed they had been a creation of my mind that was getting perhaps a bit more adventurous then I was.

I tried crawling down the tunnel wondering and anticipating finding a nest or a spaceship or discovering a new genetic species but it seemed it would take a lot more time than I presently had at hand and effort.

I still wonder whether I was schizophrenic or had I really seen these creatures that are described as extra territorial in present day science fiction.

Cherry Agarwal