Mind It Before You Get Bowled Out!

The game of cricket has always been perceived as a gentlemen’s game by the league of extraordinary players and propagators linked with this sport. With a long history spanning decades, this sport has always been admired and appreciated not just by a handful of players on the field but by the millions and billions of spectators cheering for the spirit with which this game is played. Our country, currently enjoying the reputation of the richest cricket board in the world, has always been at the forefront in matters of propagating and organizing various national/international tournaments in order to bring out the best from the available pool of talent in this sphere.

One such venture supported by this nation has been the much popular IPL, which has gripped the attention of the cricket lovers from across the globe. It took off impressively with a perfect mix of international players, organized into eight teams, battling it out for one big motive which is to establish their supremacy as the kings of the Twenty20 cricket. In this encounter showcasing the best of the world players, the stakes are high, the challenge is threatening, and the heat is building up. In this tough parameters governing the game, mental strength and calm are the keys that guide you through. But unfortunately, this test of nerves proved too demanding for the Indian turbanator, Harbhajan Singh who broke down under the circumstances and violated the rules of the sport. The captain of the Mumbai Indian team, a team which is yet to taste the thrill of victory in this tournament, was charged of bad conduct towards his fellow teammate Sreesanth during his fourth match against Kings XI Punjab in Mohali. The India spinner has been banned for the remainder of the Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament after he was found guilty on Monday of slapping compatriot Sreesanth. Though there has been no video recording of the above mentioned act, it was happily spread by the media. And the live telecast of the Indian pacer bursting out in tears on field was enough to send signals across the minds of the board of organizers and the viewers that there was something fishy out there.

Harbhajan had been purchased by the Mumbai franchise team owned by Reliance Industries for a whopping USD 8,50,000 (approximately Rs 3.4 crore). But this misconduct has robbed him of Rs 2.671 crore or close to Rs 25 lakh per match for the 11 ties he would miss, while Sreesanth has been warned to curb his on-field aggression. The feisty off-spinner has got under the skin of opposition players many a time at the international level but this act of slapping one of his own teammates at the international level has come as a shock to the BCCI and the fellow Indian viewers who held the Indian team and the spirit of the game in high regard.

Ishant Arora

[Image Source: http://www.sepiamutiny.com/sepia/archives/Harbhajan%20Singh.jpg]