Mind Triumphs Over Machine Again!

It has been an age long saying that howsoever strong and intelligent may a machine get, it remains at the end of the day the ‘thought of man’. Till now the slave of overt actions by us, one of the greatest ever standing paradoxes to the ability of machines has been put an end to with the arrival of a cutting-edge technology. A U.S based high tech company has discovered a new headset with the help of which game-lovers can now play by just moderating their thoughts. The headset allows gamers to make changes, play their moves and realize their fantasies that were always a dream for them or a distance away.

Emotiv, the godhead behind the revolutionary achievement, is the company that further showed the immense potential still bustling beneath the seemingly silent yet non-exhaustive surface of Science and Technology. The headset is another step closer to the integration of neuroscience and technology to deliver the best for the yet untouched and fantasized parts of human imagination.

The EPOC Headset decides on the activity that has to be performed by sensing the brain activities with the aid of electrical mapping (electroencephalography). The headset has 16 sensors attached to the scalp of the player for the purpose. There is a built-in gyro to track head movement. This will enable to establish the ‘desired’ exact correspondence between the thoughts and the actions that will be performed on the screen in the game. There are also options and systems aided in the headset that help to map the facial expressions and user’s moods so that with practice and a little bit of training (of less than one minute) the headset learns the corresponding functions it should do when a certain set of expressions occur for the user.

Apart from the miniscule time that one spends in helping the headset learn the responses of the user, it was proved that the EPOC system could actually pull, push, spin or lift objects on the screen as desired by the user, or even vanish objects from the screen. The ultimate fantasy dreamt of by any gamer was that of being able to play his move by his thoughts.

This technology uses the understanding of the known fact that there are unique facial expressions present for the different emotions human beings undergo. Apart from the six universal primary facial emotions depicting anger, happiness, sadness, disgust and contempt, the galaxy of emotions can be arrived at with a mixture of the different emotions and facial expressions. Also, with the help of electrical mapping of brain activities manifested in the different regions of the brain, it can be an accurate way of reflecting the thoughts of the person on the screen.