Minority Report- A child writes to God

Dear God,

Hope you are doing well. We will be so obliged if you could spare sometime to read the following vox populi of the most charming yet least physically strong segment of the society. Though not the most neglected but surely the least prioritized. Just in case if you are wondering as to why we came to the thought of writing such a report; it’s the peccadilloes of some Frankenstein-like people to blame that were moving out of proportion.

Members of our community belonging to some under developed countries have issues to assert that compose the leading cause of their plights and swears. Our friends in Africa are in probably the most poignant scenario. Striving for food, water, medications, good health, decent clean clothes, clean environment, education and some life; is what their routine has come to. Scarcity of food has reached its pinnacle. Vultures sit beside a painfully malnourished and diseased child waiting impatiently for it to reduce to carcass.

Education is in no less distress. Yet, beating all the odds, children try hard to learn and read with minor help and however they can manage to. Though without many teachers sometimes only one, though not with enough ink, chalk or paper, but yes, they are trying to learn however and from whomever they can. Life is never a promise for the children in these regions but they treat each day as a present. Why wouldn’t they? They have solid reasons to believe that.

It’s probably a crime to be born in deadly high levels of poverty and illiteracy. People force you into labor, slavery and human trafficking. In spite of such a stirring condition of children there, some insane dafts don’t fail to spread the dreaded disease of AIDS. There is an age-old myth according to which AIDS leaves a person’s body that has an intercourse with a child and younger the child, the better it is.

Situations in the east are not pleasing either. People are gender-biased when it comes to their family planning. In the strive to own a male child, the rural families don’t mind their family size bloating unreasonably and in their obsession of gender discrimination, they kill the female child soon after birth by adopting various means such as strangling the baby, giving her poison, dumping her in a garbage bin, drowning her, burying her alive, starving her, stuffing her mouth with salt, or leaving her outdoors overnight so she dies of exposure. A big family size obviously lowers the quality of life of a village family and deprives them from health, education and sound basic services only creating the future generation equally illiterate and unaware, following their parent’s guidelines and thus making a vicious circle.

Business perverts have not spared baby food and toys to adulterate, thus making huge markets for themselves by selling the lowest price of items in town. Some poor brave hearts manage to survive through these censorious scenes only to be plunged into child labor from the day they start talking restrained from education, health, family love and a child’s life.

Workaholic parents leave their babies to the mercy of breath takers (read: caretakers). Often, they are dosed with narcotics and wine just to save the sleeping hours of the caretakers free of cries and whines.

For the rest who enjoy family and school life, the terrorist groups can’t stand their cheers of laughter for long. Thousands fall victim to such bolts every year; Killed, abducted for money, raped, abused or all.

In dismay and with a staggering voice, we appeal for justice. Didn’t you send us to spread smiles and teach love? Please show us you care. Come to our rescue.

My dear God, are you listening?

Karnika Palwa

Image Source:[http://www.odysseynetworks.org/Portals/1/images/Film&TV/LTG1.jpg]