Miracle witnessed… Change Beckoning!

“We are not the Eastern America or the Western America. We are the United States of America.” These were the remarkable words of the 44th Presidential Elect to the White House when he was officially declared victorious putting an end to his two year long historic and ever memorable journey. The 44th presidential elections are over and at the end of the day, as it is said, “miracle has been witnessed!”

Finally, the conservative legacy of one of the most powerful nation of the world was overthrown with the selection of a funny-haired, skinny looking and differentially skin colored African American; chosen over a similar looking American and brightly colored rival. The world unanimously resounded with glory and joy. Tears swelled as prayers were answered, hopes lived and a dream dreamt of more than four decades ago was finally realized.

Barack Obama’s win over his Republican counterpart surely will go down in the pages of history as an epic victory of dignity, poise, prudence and sheer humanity. The ever-pervasive charisma of his character and the strength of the inclusive sense of commitment and belongingness he displayed, made even the staunch provinces of Florida; opposing democrats since 1964 to go for a transformation now. The sweeping final victory as was evident in the huge margin of votes and the unanimous support given to him; gave a clear indication to the fact that after eight years of a failed and probably misleading leadership; the nation and its citizens stood for their priorities.

The age-long barrier of racism that seemed to have percolated even in the deepest layers and strata of the social rubric of America has finally been broken. This sends an international message to one and all that the nation and its people are now ready to think putting aside their biases and prejudices when it calls for the betterment of the Nation. The sensitization to the till now prevailing attitude of a few self-assured people in the bureaucracy to spell the nation’s sentiments and thus its impending course of action; whilst in the process getting their ends and thoughts meet is no more acceptable to is people.

The presidential campaign of Obama is distinguishing and memorable not only because of its demographic legacy or its lavish budgetary; but also because of its maturity of conduct and sheer balance of composure that he displayed at every instance all the while. Howsoever, atrocious or provoking verbal attacks were hurled at him by his opponents; he put up the brave and prudent mettle of his character to deal with the crisis. It’s a further message to aspiring leaders that merely harping on their differential demographic background won’t take them on to the revered seats of power.

But, the era of ushering a change has just got rolling. The end of the election campaign marks beginning of another spell of even more challenging fore of putting into actions promises made and assurances given. The proportion of challenges awaiting Obama can be compared as that faced by Abraham Lincoln when he ascended to power; though their nature being different! In a nation fraught with a failing and tumbled economy, with atrocious international policies and alignments towards foreign nations; American problem is already ripped apart in different pieces; each of which is demanding an urgent immediate solution.

Having put forth a very radical vision of change for America and the world at large, it is in the hands of this casual yet dignified and enigmatic Harvard Law Graduate to get them working. Concerns like the immediate removal of the Guantano Base and adequate healthcare for the nationals cannot be addressed easily in the face of a dwindled economy; literally beckoning a second thought for the policies formulated and stands taken.

No doubt that such concerns do pose major impediments to the change that everyone expects Obama to put forth. But, true these can be resolved. All the concerns though mammoth in their intensity and proportion of the disaster already caused by them; actually only call for a rational and matured outlook if only considered with objectivity. The fact that the presidential authority to be fully transferred on to Obama still has a few weeks to go, again calls in for prudence and a balanced demeanor to be maintained so as not to get on to the wrong side of any of the opposing parties.

The election campaign and the following univocal victory is a learning experience n its own right. At the same time, expectations and hopes shimmering in the awaiting eyes now can’t be overlooked. The country being a conservative at its core won’t let go off even a single chance and perhaps won’t be keen on a room for mercy. Under such a situation, Obama’s reiterating promise; that together America as a nation and its people as the forces can “bring a change”- a change in thinking, perspective, beliefs and a change in the world view at large.

Arindam Chakraborty.

[Image Source: http://flickr.com/photos/radiospike/489297518/]