Misandry Or Feminism?


After centuries of struggles and protests, we can finally witness the wave of feminism getting amalgamated into one’s consciousness. Nowadays, with the rising prejudices against women and the awareness created by them to be treated equally, has led to a new required boost to the vocal chords of almost an entire generation. Surprisingly, even today when the idea of feminism is at par, being a feminist is still considered as a taboo.

Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds of the equality of the sexes. It’s a term that defines the status of women which is not at par with that of the men. After facing severe biasness for centuries, it is an urgent requirement of the society to treat all the sexes with equal and indistinguishable respect, opportunities, laws, wages and the treatment.

Feminism is not a concept that can be altered via change in the laws or providing quotas to the subordinate gender, it can be altered by challenging the stereotypes and perception of the society at large.

However, all feminist movements tend to be centered with development of women, making the opposite gender feel biased. The interpretation of feminist actions as against men which tends to increase the hatred towards them, is termed as misandry. Misandry is the inverse of misogyny, and lately all the feminist talks are being culminated with them being misandrists in nature.

When the internet speculates feminist jokes of them being misandrists, they are instigating the misguided popular notion that they are man-haters. The fight for women is mostly considered for being fight against men. “Misandry”, literally, the hatred of men, is an accusation that’s been flung at feminists since the dawn of the women’s movement, by empowering women, critic debates that feminists are really oppressing men.

Such stereotypical and sexist notion that has somehow interlinked feminism with misandry restricts people from stating themselves as being a feminist. We can constantly see public figures restricting themselves from being branded as a feminist, because they feared to be touted as “men-hater”.

We are not men-haters. Period.

Nevertheless, there have been few stances when their acts are considered as misandry, thus leading to general disappointment and huge speculation as per the ironic standards wanting to be achieved by them. Instances where there has been a domestic violence act exclusively for women, ignoring even the consideration of men to be impacted by such crime, is clearly an act against men and not just for the empowerment of women. Feeling ignored and disappointed, the branding of feminists with misandry has taken an effective route in the minds of majority of the population. Also, the lack of interest shown by some feminists while addressing the qualms faced by men further instigates the opinion.

What feminists really hate is the patriarchy, the web of institutions that systemically oppress women. Developing rumours and playing along with such unwanted amalgamation, is not a way to achieve goals of feminism. Feminism is still very much engaged in the battle for hearts and minds, and creating such synergized ideas as an ironic humour by feminists as well, appeals to a small minority while alienating the rest.

What matters is that feminism, distilled down to its absolute core, is about gender equity, and one’s individual gender plays no hindrance in achieving the required.

Yugansha Malhotra

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