Misery: The Answers Lie Deep

Misery has been left loose,

To pester, to hurt,

To kill, and to sap,

All the emotion left in me.

Misery, why?

You may ask.

Your absence does it all

I answer.

Absence, how?

You may ask.

You’re not around when needed

I answer.

Needed, when?

You may ask.

The clouds of despair, and loneliness,

Set upon, to kidnap,

To spread sorrow.

Set upon me, I say.

I needed you

I answer.

Sorrow, what?

You may ask.

Most present, is your absence,

Life is barren without you,

I answer.

Barren, how?

You may ask.

The drought due to the loveless clouds,

I answer.

Loveless, why?

You may ask.

What else is it, when you don’t look me in the eye?

Kiss me with an uncertain sigh,

Make love, like there’s no fire,

Talk like, life’s burnt out.

No smoke without fire, I say.

Don’t need me anymore, I fear.

Misery, life is now.

Have to live on?

Now, I question, why?

May be the answer lies somewhere deep.

I shall go down to seek.

N. Trikala Satya