Mission Lalgarh

After the decline of the LTTE in Sri Lanka, Maoists seem to be the targets of the wrath of the Indian government. As a result of the terror situation created by the Maoists in West Bengal, as well as surrounding Orissa, Jharkand, Bihar and Chattisgarh, the Central government launched a joint operation carried out by the Central Parliamentary Forces (CPRF) , the West Bengal police and the ‘alleged’ Maoist backed Police Santragh Birodh Janasadharner Committee (PSBJC) in Lalgarh area of West Midapore district of West Bengal to establish the rule of law in land and ensure the safety of people in that region.

The situation in Lalgarh is a profoundly disturbed one. Common people have been captivated as pawns and are tortured. The operation has been launched without exploring the possibility of a negotiated settlement of general popular grievances and blurring the crucial distinction between the violent Maoists and the peace loving civilians.

The Lalgarh operation had been originally guised with the aim of redressing ‘atrocities’ in the area. The reckless self-serving violence of the Maoists in the area has been diverted and exploited for selfish political goals of settling the post election scores in West Bengal. The deprived and angry tribal people are being used as pawns and are made to brutally attack the CPI(M) cadres and offices. Self-proclaimed leaders have risen claiming to represent the people’s committee against police atrocities, who openly preach murder and violence.

With the spellinding victory of Congress over the incumbent Communist Party in West Bengal, the up surging rage in the strife torn region has been used by the Congress to uproot CPI(M) from the land. Trinamool Congress, the constituent of Congress victory in West Bengal has been pursuing their one-point agenda of dismissing the Left Front government in West Bengal. Their silent support has emboldened the Maoists to challenge the authority of the Bengal government.
The politically inspired violence has accumulated the socio economic grievances in the area. It has been perfectly timed to take advantage of the hesitant Center’s plan to tackle the Maoist evil forces. Regarding the Lalgrah issue, the Centre has abdicated its responsibility by delaying in providing the necessary forces and put the entire onus on the State. The mercurial Mamta Banerjee standing up for the common man remained silent on the Lalgarh issue. The triumphant Congress sees this as an opportunity to deracinate the Left Front Party.

It is high time the people are set free from the reckless clutches of the Maoists and peace is restored in the land. The Centre must shed its myopic approach and realize that the terror spreading group is not restricted to Left Front governing provinces, but, is also spreading to Congress majority areas like in Andhra Pradesh. To silently embrace these attacks, the UPA government would be falling into the hole it dug for the Left!

Meren Mathews

[Image courtesy: http://sanhati.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/lalgarh-movement-solidarity-forum.JPG]