A mistake I made, a mistake u made.

Surviving with it, we are blaming the world, the destiny, the Lord,

and ultimately apologizing to all, as we know it is OUR mistake.

Wen we thought,

We know it all, we have seen the world, we know what we want, we deserve the best, life is finally on track, patience is rewarding, we deserve to be demanding, and,  our final choice, is the best.

Wen we thought,


The creators of our lives,decided to choose this point in time,

to show us their mighty control over our  lives,

control of them deciding what should happen to us, rather than we ourselves deciding what we shall let happen to ourselves.

So ZAP!!!

We wereKNOCKED, and KICKED and HIT right on  face.

The decision which had to become the best, became the worst, which had to take to me towards my dreams, made me to give up on my dreams, realize my INCAPACITY, live the real life, and just exist in the real world!!!

And today, here I am, regretting, wondering how cud Ido it to myself, what was I  actuallyup to, how cud I be such a fool?????

Questions unending.

My high opinion about myself crushing, confidence shattering, happiness lessening, dreams contracting, doubts multiplying and I am thinking,


I just made a MISTAKE!!!!!


Everyone does mistakes.

My inspirations, role models, HAVE DONE MISTAKES

My motivations, drivers, HAVE DONE MISTAKES

My friends, lovers, people who at times become reasons for my living, HAVE DONE MISTAKES,

And the rest, all those who lost me and my love, HAVE DONE A BIG MISTAKE.

I just made a mistake!

Living with it right now is tough, but,it was, andit will be for so many we know.

When I realize that a uhave also made a mistake , the mistake that I have made,

I feel surrounded, I am not lonely

I understand you, and I see u trying to understand me

I seeur concern for me, ur love for me, I want to love you back, give you the happiness that you gave me

What I couldn’t do is important, but, Maybe, Ur companionship is worth a mistake

Yes……It’s a big mistake…….but…….I don’t care now!!!!

I am an artist and I will always practice my art.

Could I have created a better masterpiece without thismistake???


Because what I lost is great guidance, mentors, important resources, experiences, learning,


Because the most beautiful girl in the world was not born to the richest parents,the richest managers of the world did not come from the best known schools and the best cook in the world was not the one taught by some other bests

I don’t need the best to be the best, Every person is the best in something, and its all about knowing that about oneself.


My idol is not the prince who became the king

My idol is the son of king’s caretaker, who challenged the kingship of the king, asked for a chance to show his merit, accepted the responsibility when the world was doubting his potential, proved himself as better, and SO became the king.

My destiny shall lead me to be an inspiration

A life which is a cakewalk never becomes an inspiration.

What becomes an inspiration is

The life of a destitute who sat under the streetlight, worked as a cabbie, slept on the road, dreamt of the TAJ, headed towards it, got robbed, started off again, this time with the experience of having done a mistake, with the cautiousness of not committing big mistakes and with the extra patience and more cognition, hitting the nail on the head, and so having a trail of achievements.

From having nothing to getting everything, one thing he always had was his passion.

Passion is inside me, the biggest resource that shall take me through, nobody can take that, it was born with me,  but is has grown bigger than me, I nourished it throughout to make it strong, strong enough to eradicate the bleakness that the mistake had brought.

Goodness gracious…I just realized that my story of success has begun, I have completed one step, I did a  mistake, I failed, its time to take the next step, to get up, to start creating my master piece better with as little resources, only to make it special, to fail and achieve, to be an inspiration

Yes others are better equipped because they dint do the mistake I did, so the only way I can beat them is by my passion, my effort, they are not as passionate as I am, nobody  loves  the goal as much as I do.

So here I am, after having done a mistake, found my way, keeping everything aside, I am running towards my goal, loving my goaland most importantly celebrating the journey  of its pursuit.

Namrata Ahuja