Mobile has come a long way!

Back in 2004 or so when Nokia was ruling the market and mobile-cam was the cool thing to own, we were entertained with a rather nasty mms of a bare breasted girl sucking on to a man’s stick! Aajtak and the likes had a field-day showing how characterless the girl was & how bad their animation team is! They almost hid her identity but they played the video so many a times that you can learn a lesson or two on how to do the oral sex. And since then, we have had ample mms scandals, men-women being video-taped in the hotels & everywhere one can imagine. I was probably the happiest when I learnt about NOTW shutdown. I understand not every journalist might have been responsible however if a tabloid can risk a girl’s life for their benefit then they can go to any length. I do not even agree with the fact that executives are not involved, an organization’s culture is built on what the executives wish to achieve from their business and the moral standards they have built. Media has totally gone bonkers with the freedom they *unfortunately* have. Having said that, how responsible are we as citizen journalist?

Today my day started with a facebook video posted by a friend mentioning Rip-Horror. I usually do not watch any videos on facebook, yes not even the ones which claim woman orgasm on roller coaster however for some reason I did because of the message posted along with the video. I saw a family of five washed down with flash-floods. I felt, I am a slave of my phone, so must be the guy who was simply recording the flash flood but captured a death on phone! I feel bad for this guy who made the video public and since morning every Indian I spoke to has watched that video already. Not everything needs to be videotaped, not everything needs to be made public. Earlier I watched Saddam Hussain being hanged, while some men abused him and today this.

One may argue, why did I watch it? I don’t know. You get this sense of victory that you are alive today however that person in the video is dead. Yes there is a psychological reasoning behind it and I am not making things up. Apart from that, people analyse each and every action of the person in the video and want to lecture. We Indians are so good at advising other and interfering as well. I googled Patalpani Indore accident and an orkut link was in the search results. People are literally discussing how the girl in the black top is the reason why three of the five are dead. People are abusing, calling the family a bunch of morons and what not. I hope the guy who made the video public has got his fair share of publicity, although I did read people saying, am sharing because I want you to be careful. Well, the ones who do not care they will not even after watching this video. The other day when I was at Seven Sea Cliffs a bunch of teenagers were getting clicked at the weakest yet highest cliff point. One impulsive move and you are dead!

We do not respect other’s right to enjoy private moments and a peaceful death. We want *tamasha*. The media wants the TRP. We want to make everything a big deal. We talk about fighting terrorism well first we need to start behaving responsibly ourselves. We cannot expect a terrorist to behave with bombs in his hands if we cannot even use a mobile responsibly.

Chintan Gupta

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