Mobiles – Miracle or Menace

The advancement in technology sector has greatly surpassed the expectation and imagination of an average human mind. While the ‘techies’ are diving deep into the sea of exploration and innovation, the masses are satisfied enough to keep an eye on What’s Next?? The recent outcomes of enthusiastic minds that are worthy of appreciation include: Laptops, Mobiles, Palmtops, LCD screens, Pen Drives, i-Pods and the list goes on….you name it and you have it !!(provided u posses the memory to name it correctly…)

Mobiles have, so far established their roots in each and every community and have embedded themselves in the routine lives of the people. While we strive to accustom ourselves with the functioning and uses of a gadget such as mobile, the add-ons like its integration with web, mounting of Operating System, connectivity with computers, and inbuilt digital cameras take us by surprise. The mobile technology is fast approaching the standard of ‘Smallest PC on move’.

Now we can browse through the net, connect with remote computers anywhere in the world, arrange conferences, and chat with people (yes, even during the monotonous lectures…), play games, or capture images of class notes from other’s registers. They have emerged as a symbol of easy and effective communication. At such a juncture, the question of it being a menace is bound to raise eyebrows in contradiction. It comes out as a useful tool in situations like delays in traffic jams, organization of meetings and in other cases as a savior in incidences of threat, extortion and other criminal acts as it helps to connect with the concerned authorities instantly. This is primarily because it functions as a phonebook bringing hundreds of contacts at our rescue, time and again. It really feels strange to imagine that in its absence how we would connect with the activities and developments occurring on the other side of the picture.

Conclusively, every single individual is mesmerized by the exhaustive list of features offered by mobiles, whether it is students drawing out recreation from the inbuilt ‘Music Library’, or business officials carving out best deals on the move through ‘Conferencing’, or a layman enquiring about the well-being of near and dear ones. Hence, it is evident that mobiles have revolutionized the way we live, the way we connect, the way we organize our appointments, and above all they are here to stay.

Ishant Arora