‘Modi’ is Inevitable!

modi.jpgThe results are out, and in a way, it was not quite shocking as much as it was inevitable. It seems as if the people of Gujarat, and Gujarat as a state have been blind-sighted by Modi’s myopic manifestoes. But as most sceptics would claim, it was just a matter of time before Modi was elected to power for a historic third term. However, across state borders as Sonia Gandhi sits and laments over the recent developments in Gujarat’s political scenario, she just fails to understand that it was her consistent ‘Anti-Modi’ remarks that paved his way to victory. She apparently fed his ego, turning this mere political ‘legend’ into a political Juggernaut. But re-electing Modi to power can only imply two things. One, that under his governance,Gujarat developed by leaps and bounds and so did its people. Two, that Gujarat as a state possesses, what experts, call political inertia rendering the people of Gujarat stagnant in terms of their views, their hopes and their expectations from the Modi State Government. But at this point of time, quite frankly, the former seems to the opinion prevalent amongst the masses. A two-thirds majority in the number of seats just goes to show that this victory was definitely not by chance but through a unanimous choice of the people. The BJP victory in a state that has witnessed gory communal riots and consistent attacks on its people in the last decade just goes to show that Modi still remains to be the ‘people’s favourite’ .He might be a “dhokeebaaz,baemaan aur maut ka saudaagar”, but at the end of the day, he sells. Modi as a brand name has created such a loyal ‘voters base’, that no matter what be inflicted upon them, they shall continue to vote for Modi. Narendra Modi is now

Gujarat and shall always remain synonymous to political victory in this state. He is undoubtedly the perfect people’s person. He will deliver what they want and sometimes even shed a tear for more public sympathy. Modi, in a word, is a true ‘showman’. He’ll take the crowd for a ride without them even knowing of it, will arouse sentiments and emotions which you thought once were buried in the sands of time, and will try to atrophy any emotions or voices raised against him. But the public has voted and how! Only time will tell whether these election results turn out in their favour or not.But at this point of time, Sir Martin Luther King’s words, intended for Gandhi, seem to be quite appropriate for the current state of affairs.” ‘Modi’ is inevitable. We may ignore him, but at our own risk!” Amanjit Khanna