Money Money

Money has always been people’s interest. Prime interest. This man-made perishable alloy makes a lot of life long resources perish before it. Nevertheless, its branches have its own pros and cons.Money, sometimes, goes to the extent of generating trepidations in life, as in the case of Lehman Brothers. The major factor that played its role in pulling down the 158 years old investment bank was – desire for more. (Quite ironic it is that this phrase is sometimes used to motivate development) The hunger is now forcing the gluttons to think if their gluttony was rational.

In the desire to want more and more money, they forgot to be frugal and the bank extended easy loans to more and more people which ultimately lead to only investment and no return. (I watch money movements from afar. My thesis could be wrong). Was it cupidity that blinded the big brained financial experts? Or is it because of the ideology that Americans follow — an American, few years ago, pulled out a shiny dollar from his pocket and flaunting a broad smile said to me the hidden meaning in the words engraved on his coin. ‘In God we trust’ actually meant ‘this (coin) is the God we trust in’. But why has God not yielded to their faith? May be this time their man made God is unhappy with his devotees. Perhaps, their coin God inherited the nomadic quality of his creator.

The IT sector is coughing. Speculations are being made that those freshers who await the fresh smell of their first salaries will not have it that easy. It is excruciating to see share markets entering homes – referring to a Hyderabadi family which committed suicide

three days after stock market broke down. Weak hearts already surrendered themselves to death due to fear of money, even before seeing what future had to unfold to them. Money indeed is mighty!

Another form of money is bank loans. Bank loans have made life easier. In fact it has done wonders. Common man no more remains that common. Billionaires no more are the only bungalow owners. A roof to live under, a cozy car to drive to work, a Double decker refrigerator, a home theatre, money to burgeon money and everything can be bought with the help of a bank loan. Living becomes lively minus the monthly installment burden. The mental trauma for paying the installments in time can give the laonee sleepless nights. Nevertheless, these monthly payments somehow don’t slacken the satisfaction of seeing one’s dream getting fulfilled. Installments are considered footling!

The new incarnation of money is the plastic form. Fancy credit cards empower one to spend the money one does not own. But in the haste to fulfill all the dreams at a time credit card owners take the correctivity of calculations the bank makes, for the interest to be charged on the lent amount, for granted. And when one idle soul does his own math and throws light on the extra or illegitimate charges, he is point blank told – those were the charges already explained to you, in the beginning (but how does a layman understand complex banking jargons?).The credit card sellers are the smartest people who make deals so complicated that the buy takes credit card seller’s inefficiency to simplify things as his own inefficiency to understand money. (I wonder why people are shy to ask for a simpler explanation)

A coin indeed has two faces. If one face attracts you to its beauty, the other reminds you if beauty is enchanting, it is also enigmatic. Perhaps humans will have to find a smart way out to not let themselves be vandalized by the mysteries of money.

Suhani Dewra

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