Monsoons in Mumbai!

As I flipped through the newspaper, the weatherman’s prediction ‘Monsoons 250km away from Mumbai city’ captured my attention. I recollected the once excited chatter on my terrace, “Look, the clouds are moving!” I instantly looked outside; and the dark clouds were rushing towards the north.
The trees swayed their shadowy heads, women frowned while they battled with the half dried clothes on balconies, the road side vendors covered their items with plastic sheets and the office- goers rush in and out of the local trains.
It is said that a line of super-busy ants carrying food particles to their holes is a sign of the arrival of rains. I looked at the floor; a line of the tiny labourers carried sugar grains from the kitchen to a wall crack behind my coffee table. Yes! Monsoons are knocking at the door. June third week…the pre-monsoon drizzles have begun. Evenings and nights experience spells of shower, rattling against the window panes.
The monsoons in Mumbai are famous for causing flood every year. From slum to high-rise, Mumbaiites get majorly affected by the rains every monsoons.

The local trains get derailed and delayed, the flights get cancelled, the ruthless floods turn hundreds homeless, the crossings and signals look like battlefields with numerous colourful umbrellas desperately trying to find their way through! Blood pressure machines at medical clinics parallel the rising levels of the barometers at the Colaba and Santacruz weather stations. The daily hassle leaves commuters unnerved. The drains get clogged and sewerage gets blocked. The waves at the sea get rough and the ships struggle like paper-boats. Export-import suffers and this excessively affects our business capital.

Undoubtedly Monsoons are romantic time and provide some respite from  the  scorching summer sun but rains in Mumbai also bring a lot of hassle along with them.

Aryani Banerjee

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