More Smiles Per Hour

Couple of days back, I learnt the supremacy and mesmerizing power of a smile. A motorcyclist hit me from the back and I was knocked on the road. Slightly was aching my right leg– but it was alright. However I was fuming, so was the rider, I presumed. I fastened my eyes towards him, but he smiled at me. I had no choice but to return his smile back. We parted by shaking hands and patting each other on shoulders, thereby stimulating to the astonishments of the bystanders. And what I summarized was that a smile is a powerful asset and weapon; one can break ice with it. The appealing thing is that everyone smiles in the same language.

Everyone identically makes a happy or friendly expression in which the corners of one’s mouth curve up. And the smile has a capability of enunciating different things in different dealings. There is a naive and shy smile of the bride-to-be; a smile of acknowledgment; a smile of compliment, a kind of smile when one is being praised and a totally different one when one is being flattered. There is a sarcastic smile, a simulated smile, and a smile of disbelief.

A smile can even confront and throw a challenge at you. There are two types of nervous smiles; one, when one is caught by his wife or children returning home drunk and the other when one makes a mistake in public. This leaves one with no way out except to display a nervous smile, which says it all. A consoling smile to someone who is unwell or ailing receives the warmth gratefully, a complementing smile for someone who has achieved something.

At times, one is forced to smile at a joke without understanding it, in order to respect the emotions and eagerness of the voluble narrator. Once in a while a perpetual smiling face can be a masquerade of an evil designer. Or a man smiling to himself may be doing an intrapersonal communication- or he may be possibly mentally challenged. When two people of the opposite gender trade smile at parties, it is open to multiple versions: They are in love, they are flirting; they are jointly smilingat someone who is acting silly, they are envious of someone wearing fashionable attire and expensive jewellery, or mocking someone who is boasting and showing-off.

Sometimes a smile confuses an approaching frown. However, an optimistic and genuine smile can do marvels. A smile is a curve that gets everything in a straight line. All mystifications, animosity, misunderstanding can be overcome just by a single and sincere smile. Various and sundry believe that a man without a smiling face must not open his shop- hence a compulsory ingredient never to be eschewed. And why not, after all a single smile would cost one only 14 face muscles while a frown would amount to 45. Smile can expand the circumference of one’s friend circle, and I have made friends while walking on this very radius. Through my years of travel and studies, I have made friends across the country; while waiting for a delayed bus, walking through shopping malls, sitting in the saloon, in the class, in the restaurant, which leads the way to conversation. And it all lasts up with an exchange of visiting cards. How handy and easy. Isn’t it?

Mohamad Umar Baba