Most Anticipated Movies of 2011, which Crashed Badly

  • Yamla Pagla Deewana: The Deol trio was on the silver screen again with their usual Punjabi Tadka! However, their chemistry failed to create the magic that we are used to seeing with them! It was loud; yet lame comedy which clearly wasted the likes of the Deol family! ‘Apne’ may have given the Box office a great spin, however this flick failed to repeat that wonder!

  • Patiala House: In Indian Cinema, if the songs are hit, the Movie is inadvertently a hit! Patiala House however did not figure in that league of Movies! Despite rocking all the Chartbusters for over a month, the movie failed to live upto the hype!

  • Thank You: The audience was hardly grateful to the cast and crew of this movie after watching it! A clear instance of ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’! The movie was marketed well by UTV, however the story was nowhere close to what it promised to be in its snippets!

  • Mausam: This Pankaj Kapoor disaster was unfortunately amongst the most awaited flicks of the year! The illogical storyline and the endless drag of the plot crashed the audiences expectations to the extent of losing faith in Bollywood cinema! One definitely expected a better deal from the Great Kapoor!

  • Rockstar: Except for Ranbeer Kapoor, this Movie too bombed at the box-office! Imtiaz used to be an innovative Director with a vision, but this Movie made the audiences think otherwise! Although, the movie had the best of A.R. Rahman’s compositions, it lacked the storyline that would have sustained the movie! All in all it was a movie to be seen only in portions!