Most Corrupt Indian Politicians!

  • Suresh Kalmadi tops this list as he single handedly managed to give the Commonwealth Games a choke of several Hundred Crores of rupees! He swallowed more than half of the budget that was awarded by the government for the setting up of the Commonwealth plant!
  • The Prime accused in the 2G scam, A.Raja is the second in the line in the field of who eats up and how much! He was exposed in a scam worth Rs 176,000 crore! He happened to be the former Union Home Minister!
  • Mayawati has always been criticized for her blatant retorts and naked sense of power demonstrations! She was involved in the Taj corridor scam which also scalped up to several hundred Crores!
  • ┬áLalu Prasad Yadav is involved in the maximum number of scams (63) which amount to nearly Rs.1000 Crore! Our leaders literally are fighting with each other to be at the top in this list!
  • Madhu Koda, the Former Jharkhand CM was responsible for illegal mining of natural resources in his state and then amassing them single handedly! His scam amounts to around Rs.5000 Crore!
  • Although not involved in any scam directly, Mulayam Singh Yadav is still considered to be one of the most corrupt Ministers that the Country has today!
  • Sharad Pawar espouses by the fake stamp paper scam! Not only this, he was also involved in the multi-crore scam involving the import of wheat!

This is the gentry in the Indian Parliament! Is this what percolates down from the top? Is
the head is this corrupted,will the Country progress at all?