Most Expensive Accidents EVER!

  1. The Chernobyl Diasaster in 1986 was the most expensive disaster ever! The disaster was worth $200 Billion! It directly affected almost 200,000 people!
  2. The demolished Space Shuttle Columbia in February 2003, was the second most expensive accident in the History of the World! Its net cost was around $13 Billion!
  3. On November 13, Prestige Oil Tank carrying almost 77,000 tons of heavy fuel Oil was wrecked by Storm in the Southern Coast of Spain resulting in the spilling of most of the Oil! This accident clean cost touched around $12 billion!
  4. The Space shuttle Challenger that was destroyed within a few seconds of its launch is the 4th most expensive disasters ever! The struck the World in 1986! Its total repair and clean up cost was around $5.5 Billion!
  5. Piper Alpha Oil Rig, which was once the leading Oil producer in the World, was hit by the most expensive off shore oil disaster ever in 1988! The estimated cost of loss was around$3.4 billion!
  6. The Exxon Valdez too was a victim of off shore oil explosion. The cost of cleaning up this disaster amounted to almost$2.5 billion!
  7. The B-2 Bomber crash figures 7th in this list! The aircraft crashed minutes after its take off from Guam!
  8. Metro Link Crash in 2008 in California was 8th most disastrous disasters in the World! Its estimated damage cost was around $500 Million!
  9. In 2004, a car collided with an oil truck in Germany causing a damage of$358 Million!
  10. Finally, the Titanic is the 10th most expensive disasters in the World! Once the most expensive, the Titanic has fallen 9 steps down the list to find itself in the 10th spot! It managed to wreck a damage of around $150 Million!