Most Searched Celebs by Us!

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Who would have thought a boy next door from Jharkhand would become the most searched Indian on the web, even surpassing the likes of Tendulkar and the King Khan! He had created a niche for himself even before he became the Captain. His panache, style, game altogether made him the man of all seasons! The World Cup victory was the epitome of his popularity! M.S. Dhoni tops this chart!
  • Katrina Kaif: Among the actors, this Kashmiri Muslim stands out from among her peers! Despite have an anglicized accent, Kaif has managed to achieve what many actors take ages to get! Not only is she is giving regular hits, she is also amongst the most sought after actresses in Hollywood! No wonder India is Shinning all over the World!
  • Shah Rukh Khan: The King Khan of Bollywood has been the reigning superstar for a while now! Although he has fallen to the 3rd rank in this list, he still is a household name! With a popularity which is greater than what Brad Pitt pr Tom Cruise has, SRK is the King of Cinema and Stardom, literally!
  • Micheal Jackson: MJ after his sad demise has been amongst the most searched people on the web! His songs speak to the people however little do his dance forms! None the less, he is the single most desired celebrity still! The apparent video of his soul leaving his body is amongst the most searched on the web!
  • Anna Hazare: Hazare has really taken the Country by a storm this year! Jan Lokpal Bill and Hazare have been amongst the most searched keywords on the web! The indefinite fasts and his constant struggle with the government to see the Bill through had caught the Country in his awe! At an age when people decide to retire and take life easily, he took up the cause of the Country‚Äôs struggle and made sure that it moves in the positive! No wonder his tenets were such a hit with the youth!