Most Spoken Languages in the World!

You thought English was the most spoken language in the World? Perhaps not! Here is a list of the Languages, which everyone seems to speak! Do you speak any of this?

  • Chinese: Chinese tops the list of the most spoken language in the World! Approximately, 1,300,000,000 and counting, people speak this language! Although it has been adopted in various ways, the Mandrian variety is the most popular! Standard Chinese on the other hand is spoken in the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan and Singapore! It also happens to be the 6th official language of the United States of America!

  • Spanish: Surprisingly, Spanish happens to be the 2nd most spoken language in the World! Spanish is also known as Castilian and is spoken more than English! In Latin America, most of the Countries speak Spanish as their mother tongue. Because of its popularity, Spanish has borrowed a variety of words from other languages! Spanish was taken to America, the far East and Asia with the expansion of the Spanish Empire! The expansion of its language was at its peak between the 15th and 19th centuries. Approximately 450,000,000 people speak it!

  • English: Historically, English was born from the mixture of different dialects and languages. It was termed as old English. It was then brought to the Eastern Coast of England and German settlers around the 5th century AD! Today English is the most popular language, which is spoken by nearly two billion people globally!

  • Arabic: Arabic is the most widely spoken of the 3 known Semitic languages, which also includes Hebrew and Armanic! Arabic is the official language of 26 states in Asia, Middle East and Asia! Arabic has many different spoken dialects and varieties. It has also lent many words to other languages within the Islamic world and outside it! During the Middle Ages, Arabic was the major vehicle of culture in Europe! Approximately, 340,000,000 are speaking it!

  • Hindi: Hindi is one of the primary official languages in India! India has 22 official languages, however Hindi happens to be the most widely spoken! A staggering number of 181,700,00 people speak it on a regular basis!