Most Watched Videos of You Tube!

YouTube is one stop entertainment for all! It is undoubtedly the best Video Viewing website of the World! Sharing , uploading, viewing is as simple as it can get! Here are a few of the Most Watched Videos!

  1. Evolution of Dance is the Most Viewed Video of all Time! It is done by comedian Judson Lappily. He dances in the numerour forms right from the 1960s to the uber cool 2000s! The songs range from Elvis Presley Elvis Presley to MC Hammer and Michael Jackson. During its initial rise in popularity, it amassed over 10 million views in under two weeks and was featured on CNN, MSN, E!, USA Today, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and AOL!
  2. Girlfriend is one of Avril Lavigne’s biggest hits in the United States! Its Video is the most viewed ‘Music Video’ on YouTube and 2nd Most Viewed after Evolution of Dance!
  3. What’s the Altitude is a track of the ‘The Audience’s Listening’ album by Cut Chemist. The Music Video is currently the third most viewed video of all time on You Tube with 72 Million hits! Cut Chemist is the performing name of Lucas MacFadden, a solo turntablist!
  4. What you Want to Hear is a short film starring Fatima Baeza. This video is in Spanish with more than 7 Millions views. It is a love story about the relationship between fiction and reality. It is the 4th most watched video on You Tube and the most popular Spanish Video!
  5. Disculpa los malos pensamientos (Forgive the bad thoughts) is a famous Rock Song by Mexican Band Panda! It was released in March 2006. On the Video, the story of the song is shown with the help of cartoons!
  6.  Don’t Stop the Music is a song by Barbadian pop singer Rihanna from her third studio album, “Good Girl Gone Bad”. It was the 3rd single from the album in most of the Europe, the second single in Germany and Spain and the 4th single in the rest of the World! In 2007, ‘Don’t stop the Music’ received a Grammy nomination in the category of ‘Best Dance Recording’ at the 50th Grammy Awards!
  7. My chemical Romance is by an American rock quintet, which is the 7th most watched video in the World! However, this video is still not available in India!
  8.  Apologize is a song released by One Republic from their debut album Dreaming Out Loud. This song is the biggest Radio airplay hit in the history of Top 40 radio in North America! It raked an astounding 10,693 spins in one week! It was ranked the number 1 song in 16 countries!
  9. No One is an R&B-soul song written and produced by American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. It is Keys’ most successful song! It topped the United States charts for almost 2 weeks!
  10. Bleeding Love is a pop-R&B ballad written by Jesse McCartney and Ryan Teddar and produced by Teddar for Leona Lewis’ debut album, Spirit, where it is the opening track!