Motto of the century: Earn money, harass life

MoneyTheMightyThere was a time, when helping people was supposed to make you earn few bonus point when facing the almighty God. Those were the times of us being empathetic and helpful, but now we are just mastering the art of apathy. In the age of technology and this advent of digital age, when social networking just fakes intimacy, humanity is a lost cause.

There are instances of actual humanitarian works, and it is incredible to see that we haven’t lost the essence of what makes us human. Online or offline, any social work is commendable and just makes us more hopeful about the world we live in. It might not be that bad after all.

Nowadays, people are serving food to slum kids and educating them, and on the other hand, there are people who are creating mockery of what we call emotions and life. While there are people who swear that dogs are indeed the best of the lot, there are others who are just burning them in order to fulfil their sadistic requirements. There are NGOs, activists, feminists, who are taking the streets to ensure safety for women, there are many who are filming such rape incidents and selling it via CDs so as to earn a few bucks of what I call- infamous blooming trade. The world is deteriorating and the idea of humanity, is indeed, collapsing with every single like on facebook.

It is common for people, to indulge in bribery and corruption so as to flee from the powerful and intimidating acts of some. As we saw in the movie Masaan, wherein the character played by Richa Chaddha was harassed and blackmailed by the police inspector. This is a typical and known example of what we might call- economical bullying. Under the act of indecent behavior and moral policing, I am sure many couples have to bear the burn of it in their wallets, and have to pay a hefty sum so as to get saved from the embarrassment and harassment. As if we were not impacted by the fluctuating economy, we have to give what is commonly known as a ‘hafta’, so as to ensure a hassle free life.

As per a ground report by The Hindu, wherein they found that a mother who just gave birth to her daughter in a government hospital, was forced to pay money to various assistors during the process of childbirth. The family was not prepared for the persistent haggling over hafta that began almost as soon as the ambulance arrived to pick Sophia up. Threatening to harm the mother and the child, the nurse earn their daily income from harassing and scaring such people who are already struggling for food. When they should be given some sum as entailed in the structure of Community Health Centre (CHCs), them being asked for money speaks volumes as to how far corruption has instilled itself in people. Moreover, the process of childbirth is subsidized by the government, it just doesn’t make sense for nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, hospital cleaners to demand for money.



Are these government employees not getting paid enough, which allows them to blackmail their way towards money? When people have gone as far as threatening life to extort money, is there any hope for people to help each other without any motive in this gone-goony world?

Are we helping people just out of goodwill or to get many likes on facebook, Instagram and platforms of the same likes?

The world is materialistic, our needs are undeniable, our budget waivers with every hike in salary we get, the prices go up and down, property’s rate has increased, the interest rate have spiked, however amidst all this, is our way of acting inhuman justifiable? Why are we failing as a society?

Does the government or concerned authorities need to do more, or should we finally act as a conscious and responsible citizens, our forefathers were when we were struggling for independence?

Let us learn few things from history, and evolve for better, not worse. Let us do our part to make our world as amicable as the world is created when we read a book. Let us finally take responsibility as a citizen. Let us, just be human for a change.

Yugansha Malhotra

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