Movie Night for Guys

In a recent discussion with my friend, I came to realize that the movie-going youth in India has changed their choice of movies, especially the guys. This has had a definite impact on Bollywood. A film industry where almost all movies were either love stories, action-filled or horror movies, a new genre has recently taken over: guy flicks.

Now, having spent most of my life outside India, I’m more familiar with Hollywood however, I did move to Delhi three years ago and have watched more Bollywood movies than I could ever imagine. And, it is very recently that I have noticed that guy movies have made a debut in India.

Delhi Belly, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Pyaar ka Punchnama – all Bollywood guy movies. And what we noticed was that this breakthrough was almost definitely sparked by the success of the English movie Hangover. Prior to 2009, almost all Hindi movies had either a female audience in mind or were historical or action-based movies which could be enjoyed by both genders.

Let’s face it, women have never had a shortage of movies made specifically for them: The Notebook, Sweet Home Alabama… and in Bollywood I Hate Luv Storys, Jab We Met, Aisha… There have been so many that the name of the category even changed to ‘chick-flick’ but men, especially in Bollywood, have never received as much attention in the field of movies. Honestly speaking, though, there have been one or two guy-flicks in the past such as Sholay or Dil Chahta Hai but they never came in flocks until now.

I suppose as India modernizes, so does the youth of the country which is why Hollywood has such a big influence on our movie industry. Hollywood has produced several guy movies over the years. Due Date, Superbad, Kickass, Knocked Up to name a few and Bollywood has realized that guys everywhere do enjoy such movies. It is not enough to produce just one or two of them scattered throughout an entire decade; that’s not what Hollywood does. They have at least one guy-flick every year which earn quite a lot of money. So, that’s exactly what Bollywood is doing now and guys in India are appreciative of this. Delhi Belly and Pyaar ka Punchnama have both been extremely well received and are continuing to do well weeks after their releases.

In the interest of honesty, I guess I should admit that I too, enjoy these guy flicks thoroughly just as many guys (usually secretly) enjoy chick flicks. And I feel confident in saying that I’m not the only girl who cracked up at almost every scene in The Hangover and had a stitch in my diaphragm from laughing too hard while watching Wedding Crashers. And I think that Hollywood has caught on to this little idea that girls enjoy rowdy comedy too and they aren’t only interested in mushy romance and happily ever afters.

So while the male youth in India is still digesting this new line of guy flicks, female youth elsewhere in the world are enjoying their own rough comedy in Bridesmaids. Granted it’s one of the first such movies made for girls but I’m sure it’s a trend just waiting to catch on. So is the female youth in India ready for such roughness? I guess we just have to wait and see what Bollywood makes of this one.

Manali Banerjee

The author is a high school student attending the American Embassy School in New Delhi. She loves playing soccer and Model United Nations. She is the editor of their school newspaper, Talon’s Post and thoroughly enjoys journalism. When she is not doing school work, she overindulges herself in TV Shows – usually streamed, occasionally torrented. Also, she is eternally grateful to the inventor of Coca-Cola.