Movie Review: A Wednesday

Bollywood cinema finally seems to have started thinking beyond love stories, emotional dramas and comedies with poor jokes. This is verified by the release of the movie “A Wednesday” on September 5, 2008. The movie has taught a lesson and inspired numerous people among the audience. The movie, due to its several qualities, can be tagged as “smart entertainment”.

The leading roles are played by Naseeruddin Shah, who acted as an anonymous man, and Anupam Kher, the Commissioner of Police of Mumbai. The other major characters are Jimmy Shergill as Arif Khan, an ATS Officer, Deepal Shaw as Naina Roy- a television journalist and Aamir Bashir as Jai Prakash Singh, a police inspector.

The movie begins with a call from Naseeruddin Shah to Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher). He claimed that he had planted bombs at five different places across the city, all set to go off in some tim,e and he would let him know the location of these subject to the condition that they release four major Pakistani terrorists jailed in different prisons across the state. And that is how this one man takes the whole script into his own hands. This renders the cops helpless, who have no other option but to abide by the instructions of the anonymous caller. The movie proceeds, leaving the audience in utter confusion as to what is happening, till they get a bolt from the blue at the last scene.

The police encounter in the end is shown in a very realistic way. The parallel scene, when Prakash is driving to the under-construction building, while Naseeruddin Shah is packing his lock, stock and barrel is depicted brilliantly. Anupam Kher, as usual, fits perfectly in the role of the Commissioner of Police. Jimmy Shergill, in the role of a serious and tough ATS officer and Aamir Bashir in the role a police inspector, who is least bothered about his family, at the stake of well-being of his country also deserve applause. But the very man who deserve standing ovation is Naseeruddin Shah. He, in the role of an anonymous man with access to technology and explosives took the movie to greater heights. It can be labeled as one of the best roles that he ever played.

The movie talks about the plight of a common man, i.e. “aam aadmi”, who lives a life that can invite death at any moment. Because of so many terrorist attacks and bomb blasts, the common man is terrified to go outdoors. But apart from the terrorist issue, the most important point raised by the movie is the power of the common man. It depicts all that can happen in case the common man rises up. He can do anything, just anything which nobody can ever think of. Till datem he is sitting quietly because he has rendered the power to government and political bodies through his votes. But the day he decides to take that very power into his own hands, it will leave others startled. Certain scenes of the film put a direct question mark on the face of the cops. For example.,calling a student for knowing the location of the caller who speaks about the inadequate techniques available with the police force.

Neeraj Pandey as a debutant director of the film has undoubtedly done a remarkable job. The screenplay and storyline of the film are also his work. Sparse landscape has been used in the movie. The picturization is well above average. The Editor, Shree Narayan Singh, deserves praise. The scene depicting Jimmy Shergill’s fight has been shot well. The camera has been very well focused on Naseeruddin Shah on the terrace of the under-construction building. The movement of the cameras in and around Naseer’s working desk adds curiosity amongst the audience. The background score by Sanjay Chaudhary is stirring.

On the whole, the movie has the capacity to bind the audience. Technically, it is quite correct and logical. It is a racy thriller. One could never prognosticate from the promos that the movie could come out to be a big hit. It is a short drama without songs but has effective dialogues, stellar performances and a good plot. It is a must watch for all.
Shruti Kapoor

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