Movie Review: Arms, Wars And The Power Of Money

#wardogs1There are so many great stories around us; we just need to see them. And yes, also write an awesome screenplay revolving that story. This film is based on true events. It is an American biographical crime war comedy/drama film, which is directed by Todd Phillips and written by Jason Smilovic and Stephen Chin.

Wardogs is about two young men, David Packouz (Miles Teller) and Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill), who are arms contractors and how they won a 300 million dollar contract from pentagon.

The narrative moves from the perspective of David, who is a professional massage therapist in Miami, and his business idea of selling extra soft bed-sheets to old age homes was not working pretty well. Then, one day at a funeral he met his junior high best friend Efraim, who was a small time gun dealer. And, as fate would have it, they become partners in business and take the game a notch higher.

The film never loses its pace. It has interesting plots, intriguing sequences and great editing. The film gives an insight on how such arms contractors actually worked in USA during the US -Afghan and US- Iraq war. Also, letting us know as to how much America makes and spends money during wartime. You can’t even imagine the kind of money and resources which are pumped into these wars, it indeed is a trillion dollar industry.

Academy award winner Jonah Hill, did a fantastic job with his flamboyant, money-monger, street-smart, cunning character. He was right there in every shot. He was the center of every comic relief.

Whiplash fame Miles Teller was also pretty comfortable in his character.

I loved the screenplay of the film, which is loosely based on the article from Rolling Stones titled, “Arms and the Dudes”. And it’s always very challenging to adapt a screenplay from a short story or an article.

The background music of the film kept it moving, though towards the end of the film it becomes a tad draggy.

Todd Phillips is the director of the famous Hangover trilogy, but this time he mixed a little action, drama and thrill with some relief comedy in this film. I have to say the mixture worked pretty well.

There are many reasons to watch the film. First, if you don’t want to watch Flying Jatt; second, if you want to see some great onscreen performances; and third if you are a fan of real stories and movies based on true events. Also fourth, there is Bradley Cooper in the film.

I give 7.5 /10

Aniket Jaiswal is an independent filmmaker, scriptwriter and director. Founded Old Delhi Films in his room, now runs it out of a fully decorated office.

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