Movie Review: Ghajini

Most of the movies that are being made in Bollywood these days are not only a source of entertainment, but also a source of knowledge and inspiration. The same thing applies to ‘Ghajini’, which was released on December 25, 2008. This movie is not only based on the common man’s love story, but also shows how people are still very cruel in India.


The momentous role was played by Aamir Khan as Sanjay Singhania and Pradeep Rawat as Ghajini. Sanjay Singhania is a very rich man in this movie, who owns a cellular phone company named ‘AIR VOICE’. Despite being a rich person, he loves the beauty of human nature, which is why he falls in love with Kalpana, played by Asin, who is an advertisement model.


Kalpana is a very chirpy girl who has never met Sanjay, but goes to the extent of giving an interview about her relationship with Sanjay to a magazine. Sanjay decides to settle this matter with her and goes to her studio, but on his way, he sees a girl helping handicapped children and falls in love with her at first sight. When he reaches to studio, he gets surprised to find that Kalpana is the same girl and decides to hide his identity.


This movie is about two people who are complete opposites in nature. One is Kalpana, extremely helpful to everybody, that she even saves a group of girls from being abused by goons, in a train from Mumbai to Goa, which is the main cause of her murder. The other one is Ghajini; so malevolent that he kills everybody without thinking for a moment.


The lead hero, Aamir Khan, who can play any role given to him, gives a portrayal of person who suffers from short term memory loss. This movie is directed and written by A.R.Murugadoss. He hasindeed written such a wonderful story and Aamir Khan is a very whimsical actor, who has played the role so outlandishly, of a person with only 15 minutes of memory, how he lives his life, manages his whole schedule and focuses on the most important goal of his life that is to seek revenge for his lost love.


Some of the violent scenes of the movie, explicitly described, are overwhelming and give goosebumps because of their intensity. It is difficult to imagine any other actor who could have carried out this role so well except Aamir.


The movie is a complete package with a love story, the sound effects, lyrics, music and other special effects that have been conducted with great precision and art. I hope that it bags several awards at the upcoming award ceremonies and wins the hearts of critics as well.


Priyanka Goel

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