Movie Review: Inception

The summer is treated with yet another mega blockbuster from Christopher Nolan’s school of cinema. Inception comes just after the masterpiece The Dark Knight and the expectations from this movie are obviously high. So does the movie live up to all the hype and hullabaloo surrounding it?

Inception is an incredibly brilliant piece of creative cinema which adds another feather to Nolan’s cinematic oeuvre which already includes movies like Memento, The Prestige, Batman Begins and of course, The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan has a thing for plots and storylines which create havoc in the mind and leaves an ever-lasting impression on the viewer. This impression teases you and compels you to watch his movies again and again. Inception is no different.

Leonardo DiCaprio leads the impressive star cast that Nolan has at his disposal. Oscar Winning Marian Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe and veteran Michael Caine have prominent roles in the movie. Nolan likes working with people he has already worked with, and the cast clearly shows that. Even the production and the technical teams have been retained from his previous projects. DiCaprio has lately been  on a roll. He has a rather interesting choice of and his films  movies not only keep the viewers glued but also tend to stay with them even after they have moved out theatres. He gives another stellar performance after the haunting and menacingly chilling Shutter Island. The famous star cast also lives up to the billing and gives an effortless performance which goes well with the brainstorming nature of this sci-fi film.

One must say that the plot and story line are one of the most innovative pieces that one has seen lately and Nolan does full justice to the story with some riveting scenes, adept camera work, flawless technology aid, mind blowing special effects, crisp editing and of course, Hans Zimmer’s music which adds to the complete experience of the film.

DiCaprio (Cobb) is a master thief, no ordinary thief, but one who can steal ideas and dreams. He is called “the extractor”, who steals ideas from people’s dreams. “What is the most resilient parasite? An Idea! , says Cobb. Ideas never desert the mind and even though one can conceal them in the deep sub-conscious, they can be stolen from one’s dreams. But this time Cobb has a different assignment, he needs to do the opposite: an inception, to plant an idea in its formative growth. Due to his extraordinary expertise, he is hired by business conglomerates to settle their business deals. He is hired by Ken Watanabe to protect his business interest, by planting an idea into the mind of Cillian Murphy who is bequeathed a giant energy empire by his father. Cobb assembles his team led by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page and Tom Hardy and what follows next is a sequence of mind-boggling maze-work which takes you between layers and sub-layers of dreams. The movie is so adeptly executed  that for once, you seem to confuse the reality with the dream. The action scenes are superbly done and the climax almost seemly rips you apart. It is just not possible to take your eyes away from the screen.

The real brilliance of Nolan has been the subtle use of science fiction in keeping the viewer hooked on to his dream sequences without losing the tenacity of his story. This is no grand ‘save the planet’ or preventing the human race from some inexplicable disasters. This is a unique and refreshing concept told by a director par excellence.

There are of course a couple of things that the director could have done better. The last scene is a total ‘give-away’ and was kind of expected. Also, it could have been more interesting if some more meat would have been thrown on the dream versus reality part. Despite these few lacunae  it’s a remarkable movie and definitely worth a watch.

Answering the question that I asked earlier, yes, the movie was aptly hyped. It deserves all the hype and recognition that it is getting and is due to get. Do yourself a favor and watch this master piece. I am sure most of you will go back again!

Ravish Prabhakar

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