Movies That Bought The Art Of Cinema To Justice

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We have been tantalized by movies such as Queen, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Mary Kom, and a few that have female protagonists than male, movies that exist to change our society, one shot at a time. However, believing that its during the decade of 2000s that filmmakers are using the power of a screenplay, is naïve. There have been major movies that have managed to stir the base of our sexist and stereotypical society. Appreciating their existence, let’s dwell into the past and relive our future progressive ideologies.

  • Damini (1993)

This movie celebrates the unwavering spirit of a woman who wouldn’t let a bad deed go unpunished. Starring Meenakshi Sheshadri, the movie managed to ignite the consciousness of every movie-goer. After witnessing the rape of her maid, Meenakshi struggles to get her justice, while facing harassment herself. When many of her contemporaries were busy playing a house wife or an eye candy, Meenakshi broke away all the norms. Directed by Rjakumar Santoshi, the movie managed to ignite the virtue of righteousness and established that it’s not just men who can fight for justice.

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  • Sholay (1975)

Well, who doesn’t know this movie; Sholay is one of the most celebrated movies in our film industry. Getting acclaimed not just for its stunts or storyline, but also for the actors who raised the stature of acting in the industry. However, the reason the movie is on our list is due to ever-so-gracious, yet wont mind kicking someone’s ass, is Hema Malini. She redefined the role of a woman in the movie, by possessing feisty spirit, rather than being docile. Witness the magic of being relentless, the magic that made Basanti an iconic character.

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  • Koshish (1972)

Watch this movie for the never ending love between the couple, effortlessly portrayed by Jaya Bhaduri and Rajesh Khanna, who are both deaf and mute. Directed by Gulzar, the movie implied that a couple can be happy even with all the deformities they possess. The movie taught the definition of love which doesn’t involve with the good looks of a girl or the finances of a guy; the movie showed that its love that binds us all, and its love that stays till the end.


  • Fire (1996)

No movie has been able to break the stereotypes and has boldly questioned the society’s judgement on homosexuality better than this one. This was one of the major coming-of-age movie, starring the talented duo Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das. The story revolves around two women who find solace in each other arms, contrary to the ideal societal norms, and their struggles to break free of the responsibilities and rules that suffocate them. Watch the movie that beautifies the relationship between two women, the movie that celebrates nothing but love.


  • Abhimaan (1973) 

Directed by the talented Hrishikesh Mukherjee, the movie saw one of the finest performances of Jaya Bhaduri and Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh plays an established singer, who marries Jaya who plays a village belle possessing a knack for singing. Things become complicated when in a bid to foster the talent of Jaya, Amitabh’s career falters. She is seen dashing ahead of Amitabh, which leaves him in a fix and makes him jealous and highly insecure. Watch the movie for the ever-so-massive male ego which gets threatened by a female, who just happens to be more talented.


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