Moving towards death… India Blazing!

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With the serial bomb blasts rocking the various cities of this democracy called India, its citizens are left scarred and scared. It began with the city of Jaipur on the 13th of May, 2008, where multiple blasts at various locations shook the country. Some months later seven severe bomb blasts ripped the city of Bangalore on July 25th, 2008. The next day 21 blasts within a span of 70mins hit Ahmedabad and terrorized India, yet again. The Capital of the country, Delhi was not left untouched with five blasts killing and injuring numerous citizens on 13th September, 2008 during the busy hours of the markets – Karol Bagh market, Ghaffar market, Greater Kailash Market and Connaught Place and subsequently, ravaging the moral fibre of our country. Explosions and chaos over them has become a regular scenario in India. Delhi holding the prestigious position of India’s capital city had to suffer another blast on 27th September, 2008 exactly two weeks after the first series of bombings rocked the city. In the crowded flower market of Mehrauli, South Delhi, two bombers riding in their Bajaj Pulsar dropped a bomb in a Tiffin box and sped away killing six people and injuring several officials.


Booms and bangs everywhere, what are we waiting for … India to be set on fire? We are receiving threatening emails from the alleged Indian Mujahidin, which dares to claim itself as the responsible outfit behind the recent series of attacks in India. Banned organizations like SIMI and Lashker-e-Taiba are sending threats through emails claiming responsibility for the blasts, but the culprits are still at large and the blasts continue to rock our nation and take away the lives of many. The culprit’s audacity and the callous attitude of the government and the security forces have painted a pretty sorry picture of our country and that too for the whole world to see. Politicians deliver doleful speeches after every blast, which goes something like “A shameful act… They should be condemned’. Nevertheless, multitudinous of unsullied Indians are getting condemned almost every month in divergent cities of our nation. I feel helpless and scared. Everyday I go paranoid seeing the images flash in the newspapers of young college-goers, women and children, dead or lying in a crimson pool, limbs missing, crying in pain… I get terrorized to see India burning!


Fortunately, my city Kolkata has not witnessed any serial bombings recently, though I am certain that our serene days are counted. I might get blown out at this very moment while I am writing this to you all… It is an unnerving feeling that wakes me up every morning and puts me to sleep each night. It seems inevitable and probably, the Indian population that stands close to 1.2 billion is feeling the same dread that I am. Who knows what the Indian population statistics would be reduced to by the end of this year! We certainly did not want to tackle the population problem this way.


October, the month of festivals – Eid-ul-fitr, Navaratri, Durga Puja … Festive bells will be ringing from tomorrow. Kolkata, with its large number of Bengalis celebrates Durga Puja with great ardent gaiety. Markets are immensely crowded with Kolkataians preparing themselves for their respective festivities. I have noticed that the securities in the various malls and public places of Kolkata energetically do their job, when there is a recent bomb blast in some other city and as days roll, the security system gets liberal. Leading a lackadaisical life, do they actually need a bomb blast to wake up from the sloth and do the job that they are paid for? It is taking away lives for Christ’s sake! What do I do to stop this terror numbing me and every moment of my life? I feel like I am living a defenseless life in India with no law and order. Is this what we call living on the edge and waiting to be set on fire? The lavish Durga Puja or Eid-Ul-Fitr celebration in my city may call for a blast in the next few days of the festivity. Pandal-hopping might lead to devastating deaths or loosing limbs for many Indians. Maybe I am getting extremely paranoid about these blasts happening everywhere, but it is a bitter fact that as of this day, there is no security system in the world that can save my Country. Even after the infinite blasts ripping India apart this year, if the authorities are still unperturbed (except the sympathetic aggressive monologues heard every now and then), then we are living in an unprotected democracy. Don’t know when they will wake up from their slumber, but in the meantime I am preparing myself to face death each day…


Upasana Mallick


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