MPs Want Exemption From Odd-Even Rule Because They Are ‘Special’


While the rest of Delhi is hustling through a difficult-but-necessary odd-even rule, parliamentarians are demanding exemption. According to news reports, Delhi government’s scheme to bring down pollution has not been welcomed by MPs who are finding it hard to commute. They have termed their inclusion as “insulting”, saying the rule is encumbering their performance.

The MPs raised the issue in the Parliament on April 25, asking the Centre to take a stand. The latter assured it would convey their woes to the Delhi government. State transport minister Gopal Rai, however, rejected the plea, pointing out that special buses have been made available for them. The scheme too, will be in action for a few more days only.

As many as six buses of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) have been deployed for the singular duty of ferrying parliamentarians, but only a few avail the service. On Monday, while several MPs demanded special treatment, the state government stuck to its guns. “The notification cannot be changed now, but we will extend all possible cooperation. The government is cooperating fully for functioning of the Parliament and that is why we deployed special buses,” Rai was quoted as saying.

By the end of the day, the state had returned four out of six buses to the DTC fleet. For the rest of the odd-even season, only two buses will be deployed for the shuttle service.

The esteemed members of the Parliament are feeling ‘insulted’ because they have been taken under the ambit of the anti-pollution scheme. That they too, like the rest of Delhi, are being challaned for flouting the rule.

We would just like to say that dear beloved MPs, you are special, but spare us the ruckus.


What is so insulting about adhering to rules, or taking the public transport for a week? You think you are bigger human beings for having been conferred with a “title”? You are entrusted with planning the development of the country, do you not need feel the need to set an example while doing your job?

A doctor has to do their duty and people belonging to the service class have to go to their offices daily. Teachers, students, journalists – each one of us are a part of this state and we are all cooperating with the government. Do you think the jobs we do are odd and/or are less valuable and important than yours?

The government has deployed special buses so you are spared from the daily hassle of commuting in crowded Metro trains and buses. But you do not want to avail the service. You want to court controversies unnecessarily. Are you suggesting you are different from the rest of Delhi?

If the city has to fight pollution, it has to do it unruffled. Having the licence to enter the parliament – and fight over trivial issues instead of taking up imperative ones – does not mean you can cheekily excuse yourself. So stop victimising yourselves.

Prerna Mittra

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The Viewspaper