MSG Messenger of God: Fortunately or Not, It’s Finally Here


MSG Messenger of God is a legendary tale of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh JiInsan. Who is this man, you ask? Saint Gurmeet Singh is a social reformer, preacher, spiritual leader and self proclaimed humanist at the Dera Sacha Sauda organization. The aim of DSS is to enable disregarded communities like transgender people, tribals, orphans, and sex workers. The rehabilitation of sex workers, blood drives, donation campaigns – are all very commendable projects undertaken by DSS.

Mr. Singh has been previously persecuted for dawning a get up similar to Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. Although, the orthodox Sikh community feels Gurmeet Singh hasn’t respected their religious sentiments, however the man himself said he holds all religions in high regard. If the Sikh community is feels antagonistic toward Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s agenda why does the Central Government support this man?  The aims of Dera Sacha Sauda are aligned with the objective of socially serving the country.

The movie MSG is another story altogether – it’s the story of one man’s narcissistic dreams come true. Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is like the cross between an EDM DJ but with a preachy agenda. He’s a Borat but more fatherly and flamboyantly ridiculous. He’s a curative magician with the superpowers of a godly nature. Lovingly called, “Pitaji” in the movie, Sant Gurmeet goes on to rid the country of all the malaise, disease, social evils. He’s the Indian neo, fling daggers at him– he doesn’t stop them mid air but transform them into a shower of rose petals. All the Indian public goes “Bhai! Wah!” in chorus. Sant ji is full of himself, for sure but he is also a cinematic propagandist for DSS. He’s a flesh and blood symbol of DSS but is that problematic? If yes, then why?

The man is projecting himself as a meta human entity; he projects himself as God. Of course, the Sikh Community takes offense, they cannot believe their eyes when they see this man play a pretend God for all the swaggalicious clothing, the bike stunts and dagger dodging he does.

The movie received a ban for the same reason a Borat is offensive to people in Kazakhstan! Or maybe it received a ban for being so bad that is actually hilarious!

To my mind, there is no harm in watching this movie, for all intents and purposes it is the most slapstick thing without the intent of being so. Innocently comic, MSG makes for the perfect evening with friends and sarcasm.

Watch the trailer of the iconic film here:

Henna Pande

Image Source: [TheViewspaper]