Much Ado About Gutthi


Much buzz and drama around the departure of this character from a popular TV show

There is no Indian television viewer who hasn’t rolled on the couch laughing at  stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma and his on screen family’s jokes, on the much popular television show, Comedy Nights with Kapil. The show has been in the news for varied reasons since its premiere, the latest being that Gutthi has quit the show.

The character of Gutthi, initially played by actor and comedian Sunil Grover, has garnered a large number of fans. Her fans have created various pages on Facebook, posting her best scenes and dialogues, including the signature “Juice me” (Excuse me) and “Aap aaye hain humaare ghar, phool khile hain gulshan gulshan”.

But, ever since the news of Sunil Grover’s departure from the show came up, fans have gone completely gaga about it claiming that Gutthi is the reason they watch the show. What’s more is that many more fan pages asking Gutthi to come back have popped up on Facebook—We Want Gutthi back, Comedy Nights is Incomplete­—garnering more likes than the actual fan page.

Fans’ over-attachment to the character is understandable too. The character of Gutthi is very on-your-face and whacky, and yet retains the simplicity of a common person. It is her simplicity that makes her character relatable and more likeable.


Out of the many upcoming stand-up comedians in India, there are very few comedians who can actually make people laugh at any given time.

The trend of stand-up comedy in India started with the Hindi kavis (poets) whose modest humor couldn’t make the audience laugh out loud (LOL). That is when The Great Indian Laughter Challenge came up, showing a promising stock of budding stand-up comedians. We all crossed our fingers thinking that India finally had a well-developed genre of stand-up comedy with renowned artists, but most of our candidates disappointedly ended up in shows like Comedy Circus, surrendering their signature style to fit into the shows’ format.

One among these comedians was Kapil Sharma, who was always appreciated for his acts and  became the winner of  every comedy show he participated in. So he decided to come up with his own comedycumtalkshow, Comedy Nights With Kapil and yet again gained a lot of applause.

His Comedy Nights team includes Ali Asgar (Dadi), Sumona Chakravarti (Bittu’s wife), Upasana Singh (Pinky Bua), Kiku Sharda (Palak) and various other actors. Sunil was another member of this team, so is it right to claim that he is the sole pillar of the show?

It is in the nature of the Indian audiences to get too attached to reel characters, be it kids trying to do a Shaktimaan stunt, or housewives sobbing over the tortured daughter-in-law of a house. If we like a character, we like it to the extremes, or we don’t like it at all. Maybe that is the way we are.

Nevertheless, with the latest news of Sunil finally being replaced and the former starting his own show on another channel, this buzz is here to stay. And it’s just a matter of time before Sunil’s replacement satisfies the audience and makes them roll on the floor with laughter. Just wait for it, and until then, here is an episode to keep those good old days alive and treasured.

Latika Tagra

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