Mumbai Blast – When will India Learn??

Yet another terrorist attack has devastated India’s commercial capital, Mumbai. Terrorism continues to haunt the people of the country. Country has been silent for a while but this attack shows that the terrorists are still active. At around 7 pm on Wednesday, 3 blasts rocked Mumbai among which two were been identified as high intensity blasts. It is reported that 21 people lost their lives while 135 of them have been hospitalized for severe injuries. The first blast took place in Zaveri Bazar at 6:54 PM while another blast rocked the Opera House within another minute. The third blast was reported at Dadar around 7:05 PM. High intensity blasts were identified in Zaveri Bazaar and Opera House.  All the three places are heavily crowded. No terrorist camp has claimed responsibility for the attack, but sources suggest that it might be Indian Mujahidin behind it. Ammonium nitrate with IED was used to carry out the blast.

Police  reported to the sight immediately after the attack. Relief operations were quickly carried out jointly by police and the locals. Soon, forensic experts and bomb squad took control of the situation. Commandos and senior forensic experts were also flown to Mumbai. The scene was sealed to avoid interference in the post blast investigation. Samples were collected and preserved. High alert notice was issued to Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, who called the terror strike “an attack on the heart of India”, announced compensation for victims of the blast – Rs. 5 lakhs each to the families of the deceased and Rs. 50,000 each for those injured.

This is indeed a shame for government as it has again failed to act upon the intelligence inputs. There has been a lot of anger and anguish among the citizens over the inability of the government. Soon tweets and post began flowing in which the government was termed as spineless, irresponsible and cowardly. There has been a vibrant outrage among the citizens of India as they are fed up with the government’s irresponsible attitude. Home Minister P Chidambaram has visited all the three sites. He would be addressing the media shortly. World leaders too strongly condemned the attack and extended their support to India.

It became clear and evident that our government has not learned anything from its tons of previous experiences. Even if a hundred more attacks happen on our soil, they will forget everything. I urge people to be more vigilant and cautious.

Sorrow and agony still remains in my heart and prayers to my fellow brothers and sisters who have lost lives and injured in the incident.

When will India learn and we could be called a secured nation? I guess never!

Rohith Mohandas