Mumbai Terror and the Pakistan Media

Two weeks have passed since terror struck Mumbai. The investigations are going on at full swing and till date, according to Indian agencies, all fingers point towards Pakistan for this dastardly attack. Indian media has also tried to highlight the involvement of Pakistan, which has created pressure on our neighbouring country sending a wave of uneasiness across the border. It is also true that UN, USA and other countries have openly supported India and want Pakistan to act fast and with sincerity and honesty against the terrorist elements it harbours.


As Indian media reports facts and other information related to terror attacks, the Pakistani media, on the other hand, is trying to build a reverse image of the Indian media. I read a few articles and videos by some well-known Pakistani journalists and was surprised and outraged by what they were showing.


A report in a Pakistan national daily said that Mumbai terror attacks could be the handiwork of “radical elements within the Hindu community” that are “unhappy with domestic and foreign policies of the Congress-led government” and speculates that these attacks could have been engineered to influence the outcome of the general elections. Another news channel claimed that the Mumbai attack was masterminded by the RAW itself to defame Pakistan. A video claims that Kasab is not a Pakistani and a Muslim, but a Sikh boy, and his real name is Amar Singh because of the band he was wearing on his left hand. (Mumbai Police has now revealed that terrorists wore the band for deception).


A sizeable number of Pakistanis feel that the 9/11 attacks were the product of a Zionist-cum-CIA conspiracy to malign the Muslims and topple the Taliban and Iraqi regimes. And in this case also they feel that this attack is a handiwork of the RSS, VHP and BJP combine. This was to stop the probe in Malegaon case in which many Hindu extremists are involved. Geo News covered the attacks round-the-clock and blamed the Indian government for failing to anticipate the attack and mishandling the rescue operation. They interviewed people like Hameed Gul, former director general of the ISI, and Shirin Mazari, former director general of Institute of Strategic Studies and they repeatedly classified the Mumbai attackers as either Hindu militants or Indian Muslims, but definitely not Pakistanis.


If such news is reported in Pakistan media 24/7, it is bound to have a negative impact on the people of Pakistan. It is widely believed that people on both sides want peace but if such unregulated and false reports are circulated in one country, it will lead to mistrust among the people. I don’t know what will happen next but I want a few things from my government.


Pakistan has openly claimed that India has no evidence of the involvement of Pakistanis in the attack and it will not charge any of its citizens unless given concrete evidence. If the claims made by Indian investigation agencies are true then they should be made public and the proof of the same should be submitted to Pakistan government as well as United Nations. Pakistan should be made to take action against those involved in the act of terror.


We should publicly disclose the details of the investigations so that Pakistan media can stop raging false allegations on India. Moreover, these reports should be made public by Indian authorities only and not by the US or the UK. The truth must be told. At the same time, I would like the Indian authorities to do some introspection and tell the people where it failed and what steps it will take to overcome fallacies and weakness.


The citizens of both the countries have suffered and they have a right to know the right truth.

Rishabh Srivastava

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