Mumbai: The City That Never Fails to Charm Me

When my centre for a particular exam was declared to be Mumbai I was excited to visit the city, the prime reason for the visit being conveniently forgotten. Taking this opportunity, when my cousin who recently moved there called me for a weekend trip, I was simply overjoyed.

Now being in Bombay’s sister city Pune since childhood, one would probably call me crazy for over hyping this trip. Call me as you may but Bombay, Bambai, Mumbai has always fascinated me. It definitely has excited many a people all over the country seeing that so many movies are based on it. But I am no dreamer wanting to make it big in the film industry or fashion wanting to shift my base there. It simply enthralls me in all ways. Be it the lifestyle, picturesque locales or even the plain fast paced life.

Every time I had come to Mumbai previously I was hardly able to make much out of it due to time constraints, so this time, I was determined to make full of it.

So started the bus journey, which was a hurried affair as I rushed from an interview just to catch the bus on time. I always feel that when I land in the city the people there, and the sights and everything else,  seems somehow different though I know it’s nothing like that. Maybe because Mumbai is the dream city for many across the country and just being in that city gives you some sort of pride.

My spirits uplifted on arrival when I saw that the weather was pleasant despite heavy rains that the city was seeing for the last two days. We did make a quick visit that evening to Bandra and Carter Road to see some celeb houses which I still think is a great thing.

Just as we started strolling along the roadsides then it start drizzling. Now in Mumbai a drizzle is bound to switch to a heavy rain that will drench you in seconds. That’s what they call “The Bombay Rains”. So we took a cab and that’s when I saw the city at night. It looks simply wonderful.

The best part of Mumbai is its coastline, the magnificent sea view. Imagine waking up in the morning to the sea side view during low tide and sleeping in the night with the sounds of the waves splashing right near your sea viewing apartment. As we were passing by, we saw a lane of dilapidated houses worth crores, simply because they face the sea.

The coastline amazes me. The feel of the cool breeze, the rainfall and the view of the roaring waves, ah, how it pleases me!

The much heard about sea link was our next stop.

Now this is one creation here that definitely puts Mumbai on the world map. If you drive on the sea link at night, then the glittering lights and the long cables holding the bridge will surely leave you really astounded, just as it did us.

Our next day again started with street shopping and then we also visited the famous Leopold café. Its brimming with foreigners pretty much all the time but the food is worth every bit of the money.

On our way back home, the final touchdown  was at Ambani’s much talked about “Antilla”, which I personally felt was just another skyscraper, nothing extraordinary.

Another exciting sight was Marine Drive as it curves along the sea. The Haji Ali Mosque (for those who don’t know) is inside the sea and is inaccessible during the day as the road leading to it remains shut during morning hours because of high tide  since it lies immersed; although there are people inside the mosque at the time.

I was sad as the day came to a close, but what amazed me was the amount of Mumbai I got to see in just a day. I bid it adieu, promising myself to come back soon to see the rest, and well, with Mumbai, no matter how congested it is always waiting to welcome new people with open hands.

Shubhashree Patra

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