MUN Conferences: Have You Been A Part Of It?


Globalisation has brought the world virtually closer together. With the expansion in opportunities, the youth today are striving for greater knowledge.

Breaking the barriers of communication, we are now up to date with the happenings of the global community. With the world becoming increasingly connected, it has become vital for us to not only be aware of international affairs, but to also understand the impact they can have on our lives. A number of competitions and conferences are organised to facilitate the same. The most interesting perhaps remains the concept of Model United Nations Conferences.

Model United Nations Conference is a simulation of the United Nations, whereby students participate in different roles that exist in the United Nations. It is usually a competitive event, organised on the school level, national level or even the international level.

Students right from middle school to those pursuing masters from all over the world, participate as delegates, international press members and executive board members who regulate the proceedings. Delegates are allotted countries to represent, and are subsequently expected to act as delegates from their respective nation and debate for their country’s stand on a pre decided agenda. Similarly, a journalist in the International Press provides an unbiased report of the proceedings while at the same time critically analyses the statements made by the delegates.

Numerous universities and colleges now organise an MUN conference, with the largest one hosted by UNA-USA themselves. As of 2012, more than 400 MUNs were organised all over the world.

Model United Nations Conference allows us to inculcate a myriad of skills; right from researching, problem solving, analysing international affairs etc to exploring our fields of interest like photography, debating, journalism etc.

Model United Nations Conferences help in intellectual development in an interesting way, and what can be better than that?

Arushi Walecha

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