Murder 2 – A Heady Cocktail of Horror and Violence

What does a sequel do to a brand? It can either enhance or lessen the equity already built up. If one thinks about all the associations that Murder in 2004 evoked, they would be mostly around the “oomph” quotient of the movie thanks to Mallika Sherawat and the articles and reviews proclaiming scandal that accompanied the release. The writer was Mahesh Bhatt and the director, Anurag Basu. To date, I feel their best success remains Gangster.

Coming to Murder 2, except for releasing it as a sequel, I can hardly find any similarity or extension except perhaps for the manner in which Emraan and Jacqueline try to make out! Having said that, I believe this movie can work as a separate brand in itself and set a benchmark for thrillers in Hindi cinema.

A serial killer (Prashant Narayanan) targeting call girls is on the loose in Goa during peak tourist activity just around Christmas. Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) is an ex cop intent at unraveling the mystery behind the murders. Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) wants Arjun’s love but the latter evades her advances and is averse to commitment. As girl after girl disappears, Arjun sends Reshma (Sulagna Panigrahi) to the killer’s den with the confidence of nailing him, but alas…

Full marks to Shagufta Rafique for a tight screenplay. Dialogue, also by Shagufta Rafique deserves a ‘A’ rating. Anurag Basu seems to have teamed up well. Quite a few scenes in the movie are chilling. At no point does the viewer feel that the pace is slow. Aye Khuda stands out as the defining number for the movie – evoking the image of a desperate call! The number of songs in the movie per se is less, justifying perhaps the genre but disappointing coming from the Bhatts’ production house.

Emraan Hashmi is OK while Jacqueline Fernandez hardly gets any chance to emote beyond looking sexy in the beginning and aggrieved  towards the end. Coming from a theater and television show background and already a critics favorite for his diverse roles, Prashant Narayanan comes into his own in this movie and delivers a stunning performance. His antics and body language in the movie are first rate. Sulagna Panigrahi gets a very challenging character to play and just about fits the bill.

Murder 2 deserves a “Good” rating. The violence, gore and the shock quotient will certainly not attract people who prefer entertainment but would strike a chord with moviegoers who like to experiment and appreciate good attempts.

Sivaraman Natarajan

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