Murder and the City

We love our nice, picturesque city Delhi. Being one of the cleanest cities in the country, we just love living here. It is very hip, very metropolitan. But is it very safe? No way! The recent spate of murders across the city paints a gory picture of the image of the city and its surrounding regions.

They’re occurring everyday now. A murder a day has become the norm for the capital. And we’ve become so used to this phenomenon that we can watch gruesome pictures being flashed across our television screens, with the victims drowned in huge pools of blood, and still chew our dinners down our throats without a flinch.

From parents, friends and spouses to domestic helps, everybody is murdering someone or the other. And most of the times they are getting away with it too. Not a day goes by when one doesn’t hear stories about a murder in the city, regardless of it taking place in a posh settlement or a slum. Already the capital of our country is notorious for its hostile attitude towards its women. And as if being the rape capital of the country was not enough, it is now on its way to bag the title of the murder capital of the country as well.

It has become almost like a phenomenon in the city, murdering someone. Urban lifestyle is becoming more and more stressful. Patience among people has become a scarce commodity. And the growing intolerance is resulting in people loosing their cool over petty issues and turning barbaric. No one has any qualms about taking a life. As a dialogue from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, which is chiefly based on two strangers’ struggles through communal riots, goes “it is so easy to kill a man!” that is the reality becoming just that these days. Slaughtering a fellow human being, regardless of him or her being your kith or kin, is no more an act more heinous than killing a housefly.

Police apathy is one of the major reasons behind the dismal state of affairs. There is serious lack of sincerity on part of the police of Delhi towards cracking these cases. And that is the reason why so many murders are taking place with such ease, as the murderers are confident that they won’t even be suspected. And knowing the Delhi police, they’ll probably just catch some innocent and torture him until he confesses to the crime he dint do.

It is becoming exceedingly unsafe to live in Delhi, especially for singletons and the elderly. It sure is a shame that one has to live in constant fear in a metropolitan town like this, with the title of the country’s capital to boot. The only instruction one can make use of if anyone is planning to shift base here, is to be on you guard. And treat everyone, and I mean everyone, with as much as suspicion as you would treat your most dreaded rival!

Shalini Rajvanshi

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